Chaiyye Hame Zarthoshti

I’m currently practicing Sepultura, and it’s taking quite a time. After all it is “Sepultura” 🙂 So i decided to play “Chaiyye Hame Zarthoshti” This thought came into my mind out of no where. This wasn’t planned. It was like some Higher being Or my conscience telling me to try this one out.

Well, i guess.. i’m the only individual who has played this traditional song called Chaiyye Hame Zarthoshti on Guitar. Proud of it .. yeah !! he he. 🙂 After all i’m a Traditional Mazdayasni Zarthoshti and i am playing Guitar since a year. Why not give it a try. So i got this tune all by my self in no time by the Grace of Almighty. I feel elated.

Played two different versions, first on a lower pitch and the second one on higher.

Nevil Saiwalla

This is our traditional song originally sung in Gujarati language. Click Here for the link

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  • instead of constrating on old songs we parsi should look at what is happening to our gramshala in india instead of making them vacated we should give it to poor parsi to stay and young parsi boys and girls getting married so we save our community other wise after some year all this propertys will be taken by other communitites

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