Aa Airamyo Ishyo


Airyaman Yazad is a co-worker of Ardibahesht Ameshaspand. The word Airyaman means “noble mind.” He is the chief Healer among Divine Beings. He was created to counter the innumerable diseases in the world (Vd. 22). He helps in healing diseases that arise out of internal imbalances. He also gives overall health.
He also presides over relationships and is invoked for a happy relationship in friendship and marriage and compatibility with friends, colleagues and marriage partner. He is invoked for help to find the right marriage partner.  he also helps to mend strained relationships.
He protects against untimely death, and against black magic and all sorts of invisible evils (Av. jainiGuj. jin) (Vd.22.22).
Hā 54 of the Yasna contains the prayer of Airyaman Yazad and is recited separately as the “A Airyema ishyo” prayer. This prayer is also recited as part of marriage benedictions on the wedding couple. In the Vandidad this prayer is known as Chathrushāmruta, that is, prayer to be “recited four times”. The word Airyaman means “noble thought.” He and it is regarded as “courage giving, victory giving and keeping one away from injury.” According to ancient Iranians, Airyaman presided over wedded life. If the marriage couple practice the teachings of this prayer with a noble mind (airya man), and give love, care and affection to each other, they will be able to lead a happy married life.
In the Havan Geh, Airyaman Yazad is invoked as strong, victorious and one who keeps away harm. The prayer of  Airyaman is regarded as second only to the 5 gathas in efficacy.
In the third paragraph of Ardibahesht Yasht it is stated: “The prayer of Airyaman (Hā 54) is the best and most excellent. It helps overcome all types of pains and diseases, especially when the person who prays is himself holy and righteous.
The Airyaman Yazad prayer
The prayer of Airyaman Yazad given below, should be ideally recited after doing the Kasti, Farazyat Bandagi, Ardibahesht Yasht and its Nirang. If under certain circumstances it is not possible to do the full Farazyat bandagi and Ardibahesht Yasht, one can recite this prayer after doing Kasti and Sarosh baj.
Banaame yazade bakshaayandeh bakshaayazgar meherbaan,
Yaanim mano, yaanim vacho, yaanim shyaothnem ashaono zarathushtrahe.
> Aa Airyemaa ishyo rafedhraai, jantu nerebyaschaa naairibyaschaa, zarathushtrahe vangheush rafedhraai manangho, yaa daenaa vairim hanaat mizdem,ashahyaa yaasaa ashim yaam ishyaam, Ahuro masataa mazdaao. <
(To recite the above paragraph  FOUR times.)
Ashem Vohu  3
Airyamanem ishim yazamaide, amavantem verethraajanem vitbaeshanghem, majishtahe ashahe sravanghhaam, gaathaao spentaao ratukhshathraaoashaonish yazamaide, staota yasnya yazamaide, yaa daataa angheush pauruyehyaa.
Yenghe haataam aat yesne paiti vangho, mazdaao ahuro vaethaa ashaat hachaa,
yaaonghaamchaa taanschaa taaoschaa yazamaide.  Ashem  vohu 1.
Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia


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