Last Rites for Zarathushtis – North America


My Dear Friends:
In this educational audio program:
“LAST RIGHTS”  click here to hear the audio
My good friend Sensei Mobed Zarrir Bhandara has beautifully explained and addressed various choices about the proper disposal of the body in North America.
Hope you are able to benefit from the gift of his wisdom.
With love, light, appreciation and gratitude from
Meher Amalsad


  • It is unfortunate that our is the only community who do not comprehend the disposal of dead by unique method called ‘Dokhmenashini’. My dear brethren, through Dokhmenashini, only, a soul reaches to Dadar-re-Gehan Din. No other method is allowed and acceptable in Zoroastrian religion. In other words, all ceremonies become worthless, ‘Sarosh nahi puge’. Now, one should imagine the fate of that soul.

  • Thanks for this audio. It was very nice of Learned Mobed Zarir Bhandara to say a few words on the subject. We r in Hawaii and we do not have any priest to say the prayers for the dead. I understand that there are some CDs with this type of prayers for the dead, is it ok to put the CDs, if the dead body is at home? Would be happy if I get some information in the matter.

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