In the name of the Just and Benevolent

The Role  Parsis of India Played for the Survival and Endurance of the

Zartoshtis of Iran

Research and Compilation by Farid Shulizadeh


More than a thousand years have passed since the first group of Zartoshti refugees stepped on the shores of Sanjan.  In the course of history Parsis of India put their hearts and souls to preserve and flourish the essence of the Mazdi Yasni faith.  Historic researches give evidence that at least upto the 12th century ad the Parsis’ religious leaders had not abandoned the religious doctrines and the contents of the religious scripts.   The writings of Dastur Neryusang Dehaval tells about the knowledge of the mobeds of those times with respects to the Avesta scripts, Pahlavi and Sanskrit languages and interpretation of Zand.  But, the ups and downs of the following centuries, like the ruinous invasions of Mahmud Qaznavi on India and the tyrannies of his commander, Alef Khan, done to the Parsis, the pressure put by the Moslems by collecting high ‘jaziya’ (tax) in order to encourage them to convert to Islam, on the other hand, the pressure brought onto the Parsis by the Portuguese missionaries, and last but not least, constant pressure brought by the prejudiced Hindus, caused the Parsis to forget their religious knowledge, to the extent that they even forgot the Pahlavi script.

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Courtesy : K F Keravala

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