• The above monajats are the most soulful, peaceful, and touching lyrics I have ever heard. These monajats truly touched my soul. Thank you.

    • i want prayers of gathas in e book form in gujarati so any body can help it out or plz show the way.

  • Dear Aveta:
    I just saw your message about monajats. I am so glad that you found them peaceful and touching because my main purpose of making this CD was that others can get same soulful feelings that I experience when I sing them again and again.
    Thanks for listening. Please spread the word.

    • Dear Mani
      can you guide me as to wherefrom i can avail this CD containing the Monajats please?
      best regards
      Gave Sarkari

      • You may order it online from theparsimall.com

      • Dear Mani,

        Your songs are so heartwarming , made me happy listening to them. Far from our own country I felt so good listening to your beautiful voice.

        Kind regards

  • fantastic mazda

    you had me at khudavind khavind – what a soulful song – I wish it was the world anthem

    • Dear Mazda,
      Thanks for your your kind words but I feel the same way when I sing khudavind khavind. That Monajat has really touched me and I feel so humbled that you really felt that way too.
      Once again thanks for listening.

  • Pezan Billimoria

    Wonderful…very very nostalgic…though I am not old but heard them after a very long time and remembered my childhood days, when Aunty use to teach these in ‘bhanvani class’…

    Thank you very much…

    • Dear Pezan,
      First let me thank you for listening and glad that you found it very nostalgic. I do not know how old is old but youngest one who liked my CD is about 3-4 years old. When I met his MOM in one of our Zorastrian Association function, she said let me introduce my son to you because as soon as he sits in the car, he wants me to play your cd and that too from the very beginning. When I heard that, I thought that was very cute
      and inspiring for me.
      May God Bless the child and the family and bless you all!

  • Fantastic songs .I remember singing them in my boarding school in Khandala.I will surely teach them to my children.

    • Dear Yasmin,
      Thanks for listening the Monajats.
      Do you have the words for the Monajats? If you don’t, then you can request this web site or email me and I will send it you- In English or in Gujarati

  • Heard a few of these Monajats they are wonderful and soothing. I would like to hear ‘Oh Alam a Khavind a Parvedegar”. If you can. Thanks.

    • Dear Gulshen,
      Thanks for listening and glad that you found them soothing as I do. When I recorded them in a professional studio I felt the same and whenever I sing again and again I feel them peaceful and touching.
      I will try my best for ‘Oh Alam a Khavind a Parvedegar’.
      Do you have the wordings?

  • I am so glad I found these monajats on this website.
    Would love to order a CD if possible – is it readily available in Mumbai – I live in Canada but can ask my sister in India to get it for me. Love your voice Mani and it took me back to my childhood days in the 60’s – learnt them at the avesta classes.

    • You can order the CD in Mumbai by calling 4222-6789 and requesting for Aparna who will be able to manage reaching it to you in Mumbai

  • Dear Mani,
    Could we have the meaning of the songs – line by line – in English. Our Gujarati is not so strong. 🙂
    The songs are beautiful and would like our children to know their meaning too.

    • Dear Villoo,
      Thanks for listening and I am glad that you found them beautiful. I took your suggestion and am working on for having the meaning of the songs in English. Please keep checking this web site or send me your email address.

      • Dear Mani: I would be grateful if you would PLEASE let me have lyrics for the above songs and of course where your cd is available too.
        God bless.
        Minnie (my kakaji and masi used to call me Mani too!)

      • Dear Villoo,
        I took up on your suggestion. Now, I have translated all the monajats in English, started putting them into music also. Recently, I was invited by 2 well known Universities in Poland to give a presentation on Zoroastrian Monajats where I sang a couple of them in translated version with the music. They all really enjoyed it and found it very soulful.
        Thanks for your inspiring suggestion,

  • Dear Mani,
    Heard your monajats and they are superb, your voice, is really a class apart when you sing these beautiful Parsi songs.
    These songs have really touched my heart, though I have listened them before, but you, singing them makes them wow!!!
    Jai Ho !!!, you really make us proud.
    May “Ahura Mazda” really bless you for rendering such beautiful songs(monajats) from the bottom of your heart in ” HIS” praise.
    Move ahead in life by singing many such beautiful songs in the future.
    A word for our Parsi brethren — Encourage her.

  • Dear Viraf,

    My sincere thanks to you for not only taking the time to listen those Monajats but also for sending me your inspiring and encouraging thoughts!
    I feel so humbled that you were touched by my singing and
    got the same feelings that I get whenever I sing and also when I recorded it in the studio. The purpose behind making this Monajat CD was a dedication and after reading all the comments, especially yours, I feel that the purpose is being served.
    Once again thanks for listening and for kind words,
    May God Bless you all!

  • hello mani,
    i dont know where to start from but first let me tell you the work what you have done is excellent by par.so involved and so nice voice,i just love monajats and listen very often.so soothing and pleasant i have no words.a very big pat on your back and please keep up the good work.which i am sure you will.may ahura mazda and behram yazad bestow everything you wish for. Best rgds shahrukh.

    • Dear Shahrukh,
      Thank you very much for giving me inspiration by your kind words.
      I feel so humbled knowing that these monajats have touched so many hearts and like you, some people listen very often. The purpose behind making this Monajat CD was a dedication and I am very thankful to Ahura Mazda for letting the purpose being served.
      I am trying to make some monajats in English for the younger generation. I have already made one and it has been received very well in our group.
      Once again thank you for your support and inspiration,
      May God Bless you all!

  • Hi Mani,

    These monajats are beautiful. I am curious – do you happen to also know which monajat that tells the story of “The Sugar in the Milk”?



    • Dear Amol,
      Thanks for listening and very glad to know that you found them beautiful. I do not know the monajat that you are inquiring about! I will try my best to look for it.

  • Dear Mani,
    I listen to O dadgar O davar at least 10 times a day and never tire of it. I am not a Parsi but to me the Gathas of the prophet are as beloved to the heart as the Gita. Thanks for this melodious gift you have given me!

    • Dear Bharatwaj,
      Thanks for listening and for inspiring me. You are right. I get the same feeling when I chant Slokas such as Tvamev Mata, Pita Tvamev, Tvamev Bandhu Sakha Tvamev. These Slokas, Bhajans, Monajats, Gospels have no religious boundaries. They all have calming effect on our souls.

  • Nice songs!!

  • Dear Mani Would you or Any Ervadji Guide me For DAily Farzyyat Prayers On Gatha days. Starting from Saroshni Kusti Till… seqence prayers Both in Haven geh and Uziren Geh.Its Urgent.thanks

    • Dear Farida,
      I am sorry it took me so long to answer your inquiry.since I do not have such knowledge, I tried my best to find a right person to answer your question and finally I got an answer from a very well known and learned Ervadji.

      To pray following during the gatha days in the Havan Gah:
      Kusti, Sarosh Baaj, Havan Gah, Krorshed-Meher Nyaesh, Doa Nam Setayashna and Ahunawad Gatha on first Gathaa and Ushtawad agatha on second Gatha day and Spentomard Gatha on third Gatha day and Vohukhshathra Gatha on fourth Gatha day Vahishtoisht Gatha and Patet on the fifth gath day. Patet only on the fifth Gatha day which is Pateti.
      In the Uzirin Gah, every day you can pray: Kusti, Sarosh Baaj, Uzirin Gah, Atash Nyaesh, Sarosh Yast Hadokht and Satum.

      I hope this is helpful.

  • Dear Mani
    Beautifully done, Soothing and soul cleansing. Bravo

    Thank you

    • Dear Homi,
      Thank you very much for your inspiring and kind words. I feel very humbled that you found them soothing and soul cleansing as I get the same feelings when I sing them.

  • Dear Mani
    I have 2 monajats sung by you 1 Dadgar o davar & khudavind o khavind and was desperately searching for more of the monajats sung by you. Today was a windfall & suddenly came across 5 more monajats beautifully sung by u, which gives immense pleasure to my mind & soul. I really appreciate your voice & the way monajats have been composed. A big thank u to u for a priceless service to the community. I must have heard each 5 atleast 10 times ea.

    Persy Bam

    • Dear Persy,
      Thank you very much for listening and sending me such encouraging and inspiring thoughts.
      I feel so humbled knowing that these monajats give immense pleasure to your mind and soul
      The purpose behind making this Monajat CD was a dedication. After reading your encouraging comments, I feel that my purpose is being served and for that I am very thankful to Ahura Mazda .

  • Thank you Mani.
    I bought the CD at the Conference last year on the Zarathushtri contribution to the Western religions. The conference was wonderful and your singing was beautiful so I bought the CD. I may not listen as often as some of the above people 🙂 but I do listen quite a bit and have used them in the interfaith services I lead. So I am looking forward to more translations. I am not a member of your faith, but have studied it quite a bit and am grateful for the teachings of your prophet.
    Thank you for the transliteration/ words.

    Debbie Aliya

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  • Dear mani, these songs are beautiful. We were taught a few of them in A F Petit school by our teacher Mrs Rati. To hear them again ISO soulful. I would like to have the lyrics of these and meaning of them.

    • Dear Kashmira, I am so happy and humbled knowing that you find the monajats so soulful. I have the lyrics in English as well as Gujarati. I can email it to you. I suppose you must be looking for its meaning in English. When I do that, you will be the first one to get it.

      • Dear Kashmira,
        The lyrics of monajats are on this web site. I hope you found them.
        Warm regard,

  • Hello Mani I listen to these monajats sung by you everyday and find it very peaceful to my heart and soul. Thanks very much for the CD. It touches the heart and everyone who listens loves them even if they dont understand the meaning. God Bless You.

  • Dear Zarin,
    I am very happy and humbled to know that you listen to manajats every day and find them peaceful. So do I when I recorded first and even now when I sing in public or at home.The purpose behind making this CD was dedication. After reading your inspiring comments, I feel that purpose was served and I am thankful to God for that.

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  • My Dear Yezdi. >> I intend to make a small pen-drive (1 GB ) of devotional songs of our Monajats. Sir I am an old man, 72 years of age and not a computer savvy person.

    Will you please guide me as to, how to download them.

    Thanks a lot.
    Mumbai:Monday, 10th October 2016……………………………………….Homi D. Patel

  • Dear Homi,
    If I can be of any help, Please let me know.

  • Dearest Mani,
    gentle and passionate voice worshiping Ahura Mazda!
    Well what do I say to those who have not heard it yet? If you are feeling that your spirits are dampened, listen and you will be transported to sunny Gujarat, encouraged, warmed and lifted up.
    Mani, tandorosti, piruz bad. Ushta te!
    Gali Wood

  • Dearest Gali,
    You are an inspiring person.
    I am humbled and thankful to God for inspiring people like yours!
    May Ahura Mazda Bless you and your family!
    Warm regards,

  • Dear Mani,
    I’ve liked ALL YOUR songs which is HAVING clear voice AND Good wordings.
    I WANT to buy YOUR CD or Pen drive.
    Kindly inform me where its AVAILABLE.?
    I Have enquired with Mr. MARZBAN GIARA. BUT,

  • Dear Adi,
    I am so happy and humbled to know that you liked all the songs. I hope you have been able to buy a cd from Yazdi by now. Please let me know if I can be of any further help!
    Warm regards,

  • Nawaz Vijayakumar

    Not able to listen please help

  • Nawaz Vijayakumar

    Is there any other way I can listen to these monajats

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