Lone worshippers of the only Parsi temple in state

The lone Parsi family here is all set to celebrate the Zoroastrian New Year, which falls on August 18, this year. Once home to over 300 Parsis, Kozhikode today is left with only one family, the Marshalls, comprising six members. In the noisy Sweet Meet Street (popularly known as SM Street) stands the only Parsi temple in Kerala, the Parsi Anju Amman Baug, where they are the only worshippers.

The fire temple was built in the 18th century when Parsi traders settled in Kozhikode about 200 years ago. An inscription inside the temple reveals that the property was donated by a Zamorin. Fire is given pride of place in Zoroastrian faith. Symbolic of light and warmth, it is closely associated with Ahura Mazda, the lord of endless light and wisdom, according to the Parsis. Most religious ceremonies are performed in the presence of fire.

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