Zoroastrian Catechism

A Fore-word.


We have many books of Zoroastrian Catechism in Gujarati, but this is, if I do not mistake, the first attempt of its kind in English. ‘

It is a rendering, not an exact translation, of my book on Zoroastrian Catechism in Gujarati published in 1907 under the auspices of   “The Society for the promotion of Zoroastrian Religious Education and Knowledge.”

There are several Zoroastrian children, “who grow up without a good knowledge of Gujarati, and there are many, whose parents would wish them to read the principles of their Faith in English. I hope this brochure will be of use to them.

I note below, with pleasure, what some of the Head-Masters of our leading Parsee schools have said of this Catechism in its Gujarati garb.


Maba, Roz 4, Mah 3, 1280 Yazdazardi,

16th November 1910

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Courtesy : Rustom


  • When we click to read the book, the pages are completely blank. Kindly look into this.

    • It is working. Please be patient, since it is a large file. Also, once the file is on your screen, please scroll down 4-5 pages, where the text appears. Thanks

  • It might take a while for the full file to load.
    Scroll down about 6 pages and then the ‘Contents’ start.

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