• I could not download about Vendidad. Why?

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  • Please click on the link provided – it will download the Word file

  • There are other scholars who have written on the subject too and a cotorie can continue to rake issues into controversies to be in the limelight. There are a few so called parsi face book pages where in all these take SELECTIVE cut outs to promote their images as having known.
    A single rebuff to these is that they contradict the saviors of zoroastrianism. They in their doings promote that the saviours of zoroastrianism who never let the faith and light be extinguished didn’t know what they were doing and were saving practising and passing on worthless stuff or non zoroastrian stuff and the contradictors of the saviours of this era are the brightest sherlock Holmes who have cracked the case of zoroastrianism in their 60 years or so with armchair philosophies. These do not have the guts to rad any otjer material than what they want to promote and sometimes take a myopic view and lastly a big debate arises as their egos have a more important place than zoroastrianism, or zoroastrian studies. Incidently scholars are still studying zoroastrianism and take in diff view points.
    In prof Russel’s words..” These reformists will do from within what hoardes of Macedonians and Arabs could not achieve in a milenia.
    So true as what the saviours of Zoroastrianism saved is rebukked and promoted to be discared just like what alexander, the Byzantines and later the islamists wanted to achieve but for the likes of our ancestors..not only to be rebuked from within..for limelight.
    Many a zoroastrian site have been hijacked by a cotorie some who write even in fictitious names just to create a controversy..hope zoroastrian.net stays away from this…

    Ironically again the same ilk claim to revive Zoroastrianism by mocking what the saviors of Zoroastrianism saved

    • The text by Kabraji is absolutely wrong and misleading. The Vendidad or Vi-daevo-dat is the law against the demons and happens to be the 19th Nask of the 21 Nasks of the prophet. This has been gifted to us by the prophet himself and not written after his death.

      Let us assume for argument’s sake what Dhalla states is true. If that be the case, Dr. M N Dhalla who happened to be the High Priest of Karachi would have lost his status too since he had done his Martab ceremony by reciting these 22 Pargarads interwoven with the Yasna and the Visparad. Which means he would not be a High Priest and would be unfit for the post he had inherited.

      Would request all readers to refer to the excellent book – “Zoroastrianism Ancient and Modern” by Ervad Phiroze S Masani. Here Ervad Masani refutes each and every statement made by Dr. Dhalla pointwise with proof and scriptural evidence. This book is a must in every household. It can be downloaded from the Frashogard Skydrive.

  • As usual, half truths mixed with falsehoods to mislead the unwary.

    What Mr Kabraji has given is the literal translation. There is an esoteric explanation behind every word which is difficult if not impossible for the uninitiated to follow. The Reformists’ agenda is to debunk the Vendidad to ‘prove’ that there are no rules given in our Religion, and all Parsis can then exercise “Freedom of Choice”.

    The actual translation and Taavil of the Vendidad given by Dr. Framroze S Chiniwala in his Gujarati book is being serialized in English in the Parsi Avaz magazines of 2012 – 2013. The series is still in progress and is being carried out by Minoo Irani.

  • We should always learn to respect the holy books of our religion. What do we know the language of Avesta , which is said to be the language of the Angels? Any Parsee critising our holy books do not know the importance of our forefathers Aryan Religion which the Ahura Mazda made socially for us the Zoarastrians. As long as I know the same Dr. Dhalla used to say many bad things about our religion & the same Dr.Dhalla’s wife expired he performed all the death ceremonies according to our Zoarastrian rites he even had the vendidad ceremony performed.

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