Great Opportunity – Exhibition on Shahname

Dear Humdeens.,
A week after World Zoroastrian Congress, Silloo Mehta of Mazdayasnie Connection is organizing a grand exhibition on Shahname by Firdausi , that contains hundreds of timeless mystical gems ,a giant  literary epic on our Daena.
Tu Inra durug o fosane madan, ba yeksan dar zamane madan
do not think these to be lies or imaginary, Remember , times are  not same always.
Basi raj bordam darin sal-e-si ,ajam zindeh kardam ba din parsi
I bore hardships for thirty years and I revived the mute with the religion (civilization and culture) of the Parsis.
Azin bishtar dar kurad ba kherad , digar bar rahe ramz ma-ani barad
some of it can be understood by intelligence, the rest is esoteric and mystical
This is going to be a grand exhibition with great models , paintings and lectures for three days .
Pending confirmation of suitable venue the tentative dates are intended to be Friday, Saturday , Sunday 3,4,5 January .2014 , in Mumbai .
Those who have been to her exhibition before, know the painstaking and great efforts that go to make her exhibition a success. The most likely venue would be Sohrab Palamkot Hall, if it works out.
This exhibition will be even on a grander scale, since it is going to be global audience of people attending the World Congress. Many volunteers with dedication to follow up and just coordinate the various aspects are required.  . All financial aspects and funds will be met by Mazdayasnie Connection .  Only your efforts , dedication and  time are required.
Silloo has identified 5 main areas in which help will be required .
Coordinating venue for the exhibition .:
Coordinating with model architects and painters.
PR, press coordination , making banners.
Booth set up, exhibition hall management
Operation on Days of Exhibition ..all volunteers will in some way will
be coordinating on the days of the exhibition .
This is going to be once in a lifetime opportunity for the Khshnoom Anjuman, but without your help it cannot be possible .
Bad in nameh bar umraha be-guzard ,be-khanad haran kas ke darad kherad
Lifetimes shall pass , on this Shanameh .Those who are spiritually wise shall read it, . Meaning ions shall pass , yet, my Shahnameh will outlast them .
The spiritually wise , will understand the mysticism contained in my poem  
Above quotes and translations are taken form the Mazdayasnie Connection.
So there you have it. This is the  greatest charity you can do for your religion and it is not going to cost you anything .
Please consider volunteering for this noble and once in a lifetime cause.   
Kindly send in your contacts telephone and e-mail addresses to me and I will forward it to Silloo.
Since she is organizing a tour of Iran on the 17th of April ,please send in you names before that date.
If you need any clarification  or questions to be answered please contact me
 Also include your phone number and I will be more than happy to call you and discuss even on the phone. Any of your friends who are not members of our site are also welcome .
In fact, I would request you to pass the  word around to your Humdeens who would be interested in taking part in this great venture.


Sam M.Billimoria

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