Bombaywalli ?

Mumbai in Pictures

MISS SIMIN PATEL respectfully begs to return her best thanks for the assistance she has received from Messrs. Murty, Shukla, Coutinho, Patel, Gandavia & Sengupta and Mmes. Wadia, Patel, Driver & Potdar while setting up the Blog.

BOMBAYWALLA has been stylishly fitted with photographic depictions and brief descriptions of the structures in the city. The first class logo is based on a motif from the gates of the Arthur Crawford Municipal Market. The Editor assures her Constituents that her travelling between Balliol and Bombay will not disrupt the updating of the Blog on Mondays and Fridays of every week. Nor will DPhil research divert her attention from the new commitment. She trusts that the Blog will be honoured with the visits of the distinguished gentry of Bombay, the Outstations and beyond. If patrons would oblige by clicking Like on BOMBAYWALLA’s Facebook page, updates would be regularly delivered to their News Feed.

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