A wish that is breathing its last

Till a couple of years back, few elderly Parsis in Lucknow nursed the desire of breathing their last in Mumbai, thanks to the ‘Tower of Silence’, the last abode where bodies are left for the vultures to eat. The scavengers take not more than 30 minutes to strip the flesh off the bones, and reinforce the Parsi belief in ‘charity’.

However, as vulture population reaches the verge of extinction, the death wish of breathing their last in Mumbai among the Parsis, too, is fading out. And, with that, the number of Parsis in the state capital as well, it seems. From 100 individuals around two decades back, they are now only 45 in Lucknow. Not more than 25 Parsi families remain in the city, concentrated in one single compound of ParsiAnjuman in the heart of the city.

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