How to do the right Kusti

How to do the right Kusti

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How to do the right Kusti

Roj Ardibehesht Mah Spendarmad, 1382 Yz.


The foundation of every Zoroastrian ritual, every ceremony and every prayer is the Kusti. The act of tying the Kusti on the waist is what sets apart a Zoroastrian from another person. In effect, it is the most visible and well-known symbol of the Zoroastrian religion. It is therefore, also the most misunderstood.

In our series on What is Zoroastrian Yoga, carried a short while ago, we had delved deep into the theory behind the performance of the Kusti, the wearing of the Sudreh and the manifold benefits which accrue from them. But in that series, we had not spoken on how to actually perform the correct Kusti.

Click here to learn the correct way to perform the Kusti ritual.



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  • Cyrus S. Saiwalla

    My observation in our fire temple is that : a) Without cleansing,and performing kushti, people enter the sanctum sanctorum of our holy fire.
    b) Our Panthaky sahibs of many agyaries encourage people to come in to the fire temples w/o wearing either cap/scarf to collect the material which are kept on the table.
    c) According to my wife’s observation, many ladies come to fire temples w/o wearing kushti which they have brought in to their purses, then perform their kushti and enter in to the premises.
    In Iran Shah, one of the priests narrated the story to me about the girl, who did not bring kushti and then, her father encouraged her to visit the Iran Shah (Gap chup page laagi ne aveja).
    This is the sorry state of our community.

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