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The message of the divine festival of Meherangan, as explained by

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram

Extracts from the Article :

“One of the fundamental messages brought by our Master, Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff from the Abed Sahebs of Demavand was the need to observe the right Zoroastrian festivals (called Hingam) at their right time in Nature, and with the right attitude…….”


“Community gatherings like Gahambars, Parab, Jashans and the Muktad days need to be celebrated with a sense of solemn religious fervour, and not with senseless fun and entertainment. Certain thoughts (called Mithra) need to be passed by the collective assembly (Anjuman) in order to catch the
blessings of the festival.”


“……….great cosmic significance, since it coincides with the commemoration of Meherangan, which falls on Roz Meher, Mah Meher, or 2nd October every year. The Meherangan is the second most important day of the Zarathushtrian year, after Jamshedi Navroze, or the New Year, which falls on 21st March.”


“The simplest meaning of Meher is to own up for whatever has happened – in other words, speak the truth. Once a person owns up to what he has, or has not done, it is his duty to step away from such an act – technically known as the offering of Patet.  His owning up to it constitutes Mithra, whereas his resolution to not commit the crime again constitutes Patet.”


“The life giving and supporting qualities of the Gav are handed over by the Keherp to the Azda, once every year. The Azda, in turn, supplies this life sustaining Gav to the physical body, once every year. This is the day of the Meherangan. The significance and great spiritual import of the Meherangan will now become apparent.”


“The grand edifice of Zarathushtrian cosmic festivals is based on the three great observances of Jamshedi Navroze – the beginning of the year; the Meherangan – the middle of the year; and the 10 days of the Farvardegan (Muktad) at the end of the year. The Zarathushtrian who observes these festivals at their right time in nature succeeds in catching their beatific energies, which he then assimilates within his spiritual body, strengthening the Gav residing therein. The strengthened Gav, in turn passes on its life sustaining powers to the Azda, which in turn supercharges every atom of the physical body.”


Click here for the full article.Meherangan – Hathiram


Primary source:
“The Meherangan”: an appendix written by Dr. Framroze S. Chiniwalla, in Frashogard Volume 30, Issue 1-2 (1940), subsequently published as a booklet.



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