Zoroastrian Return to Roots

Return to Roots is a youth-initiated program designed to strengthen community identity amongst Zoroastrian youth the world over.Capture

The idea of a Zoroastrian Return to Roots Program was born out of the increasing disconnect between those Zoroastrians in the diaspora with their ancestral communities in Iran and India. It is a unique means of fostering community links and identity by taking small groups of youth on trips to explore their religious, social and cultural heritage.


  • Reconnect Zoroastrians in the diaspora with their origins in India and Iran
  • Foster a sense of community and identity
  • Focus on youth and the future generation
  • Create a network of RTR global alumni
  • Build a Return to Roots foundation & corpus of funding for future generations of Zoroastrians

We are working under the auspices of the UNESCO PARZOR Foundation. Please visit the supporters page to learn more.

Please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ZoroastrianReturnToRootsProgram


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