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While many Zoroastrians are fortunate to live in close proximity to their co-religionists, Zoroastrians today are dispersed all across the world. For many, it is difficult to maintain a connection with the rituals and practices that comprise the bedrock of the faith. This website is designed to help Zoroastrians – and particularly those who are in the most remote corners of the world – remain in touch with the spiritual side of the religion.

Agiary Connect offers several special services. For instance in the Zoro Wiki, high-quality information is provided describing the ceremonies, important Zoroastrians, and important places. Most articles are written or approved by a historian or religious scholar who is an expert in the area.

From time to time, Agiary Connect hosts Expert Chats, where a historian, a scholar, or a community leader will answer questions concerning a particular topic pertaining to the traditions and practices of the faith. These question-answer sessions are moderated in order to ensure that discussions remain pertinent.

Agiary Connect is also proud to offer access to a suite of religious services for Zoroastrians* living abroad. While nothing compares to experiencing a Holy Fire in person, Zoroastrians living outside of Iran, India, and Pakistan simply do not have access to our Temples. Because so many Zoroastrians live abroad, the demand for Temple services have declined. As a result, many of our brightest priests are choosing higher-paying secular jobs instead of practicing and preserving the rituals. In order to solve these twin problems, we offer a range of services. One can do anything from donating sukkhar and lighting a divo to requesting higher-level services such as the Farishta ceremony and the Vendidad.

Agiary Connect is still in its infancy and we are still learning how best to carry out various aspects of this site. We appreciate your patience as we experiment with and improve the operations of this site.

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