Looking for Katy Adi (From Toronto, Canada)

Hi, my name is Rose. I am trying to locate my grandfather/mother from my dad’s side of family. They all used to live in Mumbai. I understand that my grandfather/mother passed away long time ago but my aunt (dad’s sister is still alive). her name is Katy Adi (or Katy) A. Bhoot. She used to live on this address 3rd Floor, Irani Blldg. Dhuswadi (dhobi Talao) Mumbai, India 400002. Her phone number that I have is 2007XXX which is not working anymore.My father’s parsi name was Adi Vajifdar. I never met any of my father’s family. I live in Toronto Canada. I am curious to find out my family roots. That’s all I know. Please help me locate them. Thank you so much. Blessings .. Rose <roze4jesus@gmail.com>

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