Excellent Interpretation for all Zarathushtis- Prayer / Meaning / Listening made available

Guide To Use

Just press Ctrl and take the cursor to any prayer and click, you will get to it ENGLISH will provide you with the meaning of each prayer
This is real wealth
You can also listen the prayer by clicking on MP3, mentioned therein.
Prayers from our Holy Khordeh Avesta For Zarathushtis.

GEHs (for different times of the day)
(Also available in Avestan and Transcription fonts)
Niyayeshes (litanies)
(Also available in Avestan and Transcription fonts)
Yashts (Hymns to Ahura Mazda, the Archangels, and the Angels)

1. Ohrmazd Yasht (Hymn to Ahura Mazda)  Transcription fontAvestan font

2. Haft Amahraspand Yasht (Hymn to the 7 Archangels)  Transcription fontAvestan font

3. Ardwahisht Yasht  Transcription fontAvestan font

4. Hordad Yasht  Transcription fontAvestan font

5. Ardui Sur Bano Yasht (Hymn to the Waters)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

6. Khwarshed Yasht (Hymn to the Sun)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

7. Mah Yasht (Hymn to the Moon)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

8. Tishtar Yasht (Hymn to the Star Sirius)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

9. Drvasp YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

10. Mihr Yasht (Hymn to Mithra)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

11. Srosh Yasht HadokhtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

11a. Srosh YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

12. Rashn YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

13. Frawardin Yasht (Hymn to the Guardian Angels)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

14. Warharan YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

15. Ram YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

16. Den YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

17. Ard YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

18. Ashtad YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

19. Zam Yasht (Hymn to the Earth)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

20. Hom YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

21. Vanant Yasht (Hymn to the Star Vega)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

Sirozas (Dedications for the thirty days of the month)
Siroza 1 Avestan English Transc. font Avestan font
Siroza 2 Avestan English Transc. font Avestan font
Afrinagans (prayers of blessing)
Afrinagan-i Dahman Avestan English Transc. font Avesta font
Afrinagan-i Gatha Avestan English Transc. font Avesta font
Afrinagan-i Gahambar Avestan English Transc. font Avesta font
Afrinagan-i Rapithwin Avestan English Transc. font Avesta font

Courtesy : Firdaus Nariman




  • Aspy Billiardmaker

    this is something very very good and useful for todays gen who cannot read the guj prayer book very very thanks. Aspy

    On 5/12/14, Parsis, Iranis, Zarathushtis – ALL Under One Roof

  • Eruch Boman Irani

    Wonderfully explained. However, it should also inform when to say which prayers.

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