Frazan Kotwal

It gives me great pride in enclosing a rendition the song “Nella Fantasia” that I’ve recently produced for India’s hottest up-and-coming Opera Singer. His name is Frazan Kotwal, a Zoroastrian Parsi from Mumbai who is merely 21 years old. A truly ambitious and gifted individual. I can only hope he goes very far. I recommend listening with headphones or good speakers to experience the magic of the music:

Performed by Frazan Kotwal
Arranged and Produced by Shayan

Frazan Kotwal’s email is 

If you like the song do write to Frazan and tell him so. He will greatly appreciate it.

Much love,
Shayan Italia


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    dara says, till then here are two safe links to Frazan Kotwal
    *Frazan Kotwal – Pop Up INK at Godrej India Culture Lab*

    *Frazan Kotwal – Museum of Memories – Opera performance*

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  • Dear Frazan,/ Shayan
    It was a wonderful experience this morning, listening to your rendition of the song “Nella Fantasia” Keep it up and may you be always successful in rendering such lovely songs and music !!!
    Best regards
    Viraf S Mehta

  • Dear Frazan, Sanaya and I just heard you sing and we couldn’t believe our ears and Sanaya even got goose bumps. You should send a copy to Zubin Mehta.

    Bravo !

    -Sanaya & Perzad Avari

  • Frazan your voice is superb! Had tears in my eyes! Wishing you the best for a very bright future!

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