CYMERA_20140710_214121Who is Pariamai ?

She is an angel, She is queen angel, She is Mother angel. She is Mother angel.She is Big Sister angel.She embodies all that is good, glorious, giving, generous.She is above definitions.Many who know of her try to classify her, trace her roots, present her history. Yes,Pariamai worship did begin in our motherland Iran and that to me is enough. She is a member of my family,she is everything to me, there may be ancient texts and books about her though I suspect most of the tradition is oral, To me all that is immaterial,. She is an angel,that is enough, One Tuesday morning, I found my Sasumai Banubai Minocher Choquri doing diwa in Pariamai’s name ,she explained me that Pariamai is worshipped everyday, but Pariamai’s power day is TUESDAY .From the plane of Saturn, if her devotees ask for anything truly especially on Tuesday. Pariamai enthrones at door of her devotees house, head and heart removes physical ailments, mental problems and financial worries.

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