Presentation on our Asho Zarathushtra’s Gathas

Dear Hamdins,
I am sending this advance mail  knowing you may be having relatives  and friends  in the USA and UK.
I am happy to advise that my offer to give a talk and presentation on Zarathushtra’s Gathas, has been welcomed by some Zoroastrian Associations in US and UK and a program has been worked out as follows:
23rd August in Pittsburgh –     Zoroastrian Association of Pennsylvania
29th August in Houston    –     Zoroastrian Association of Houston (Texas)
31st August in Dallas       –      Zoroastrian Association of North Texas
3rd  September in Boston  —   Zoroastrian  Association of Greater Boston Area
6th September  in Chicago –   Zoroastrian Association  of Chicago
14th September in London  –World  Zoroastrian Organisation
The synopsis of the presentation is attached for your information. Copy of my letter addressed to various associations is also attached to give you a total picture.
In case you happen to be in the above places on the dates indicated, you are most welcome.
In case you have friends and relatives staying in above places, feel free to forward this letter for their information.
I am making this trip at my own cost only as a service tour religion. I have no other motive.
with best wishes,
Kersee Kabraji

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  • I would be interesting in attending, however am unable to find where the event will be held or any other information about it.

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