All NA Zoroastrian Religious Tele-Class 17 – Sunday July 27th 2014 12 noon (New York Time)

Our Tele Class #17 was broadcasted from the new beautiful Dallas Dar-e-Meher on Sunday July 27th at 12 Noon NY Time (11 AM Dallas Time, 9 AM on the West Coast). This was the third Tele Class being broadcasted outside our Hira Villa home in University Park, Florida. 

A little background about this class:

Jo Ann and I were invited to perform a wedding in Dallas on Saturday July 26th 2014.

Taking advantage of this, Anahita Sidhwa, Poras Balsara, Keshvar Buhariwalla, and others thought it would be nice if I gave a presentation to ZANT next day Sunday July 27th on an interesting subject, may be one of our previous Tele Class. Instead, I suggested that why not we broadcast from ZANT Center our next Tele Class? This was accepted by all concerned in ZANT and so Tele Class #17 was broadcasted from Dallas Dar-e-Meher.

Attached please find the summary of our Sunday’s Tele Class #17 from Dallas Dar-e-Meher together with the web links for the 5 YouTube video segments.

One reminder again: Please suggest the subject(s) for our next Tele Classes! Thank you!


Love and Tandoorasti, Soli

=============== Tele Class #17 Summary===========

North American Zoroastrian Religious Tele Class #17  – Sunday July 27 2014 12 noon NY Time

Influence of Zoroastrian Religion on other World Religions

Ervad Soli P. Dastur

A Zoroastrian Religion Class was held by Telephone on July 27th 2014 by Jo Ann Dastur & Ervad Soli P. Dastur from Dallas Dar-e-Meher, Dallas, Texas.

There were over 40 people in attendance at the Dar-e-Meher and a record 51 callers with multiple people listening together in some homes by calling a Tele-meeting phone number.

For the first time, we had a caller from Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America!!

The people were from both Canada and USA, from NY to Chicago and San Diego, Montreal to Miami, Dallas to NJ.

The class material was a PowerPoint Presentation sent ahead of time to all participants in PDF format.

The following PDF Format file of PowerPoint slides for the class was sent out to all giving details about Tele Class subject matter.


20140727 NA Tele Class 17 Zoroastrian Influence on other Religions.PDF



I requested Dallas Humdins to suggest some topics for this Tele Class. From the number of suggestions, we selected the current Tele Class subject.

In this Tele Class, we presented a detailed analysis of a number of subjects as presented in the agenda slide shown below.


Tele Class 17 Agenda[2]Agenda Slide with Discussed Topics               

Zarathushtra in Neushweinstein Castle.jpg_s[2]

Zarathushtra in Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria          


Traditional Cyber Hama Zor Greetings

The following topics were covered in this Tele Class:


  1. Starting with Cyrus The Great conquest of Babylon, letting captive people like Jews to go back to their original country and donating money to rebuild their temples and how this interchange between Zoroastrian and Jewish religions impacted Post-exilic Jewish thought and inclusion of some Zoroastrian beliefs in the Jewish religion


  1. How these Zoroastrian principles of Truth, Righteousness, Heaven and Hell, Good and evil, etc. propagated from Jewish Old Testament Religion to Christianity and then to Islam


  1. The two way exchange of principles and beliefs between Aryan races of Iran and India


  1. How to instill in our youths the pride to be a Zoroastrian in their everyday lives and give them ammunition to talk about Zoroastrian Religion with their Christian and other friends



Soli started the class off by thanking all the participants (over 40 in attendance and 51 callers in all) especially ZAF President Furrokh & Khushnam, Tele Class coordinators,  in absence of our regular coordinators, Kersi and Dolly Munshi, who took time of their busy schedule to attend and support our Tele Classes.



After covering the main subject of Zoroastrian Religion Influence on other Religions, we performed our customary cyber Hum Bandagi in English.

Instead of our usual extract from Dr. Dhalla’s book: Homage Unto Ahura Mazda, today we recited in English, the translations of Din-no-Kalmo and Jasa Me Awanghe Mazda, Mazdayasno Ahmi, by reciting all together ending with our signature Zoroastrian greeting of: “Hamaa Zor, Hamaa Asho Bade” (May we be united in righteousness) performed by all attending the Class, a cyber Hamaa Zor all over North America!

The PowerPoint Presentation slides are attached to Yazdi’s website.

In most homes, families gathered in front of their computers following slides of this presentation as I spoke about them from Dallas Dar-e-Meher.

We also request all of you to suggest what topics we should cover in the next Tele Classes.

Many of the interested Humdins want us to place this one hour class as an Internet video. We have done that already and placed it in 5 segments on YouTube.

You can access them by clicking on the following 5 You Tube links:

Note: Some of the slides in the video are not very clear because the slides were projected on a screen and we were taking the video from the screen.

An alternative is to start the PDF slides on your PC and then click on the videos and listen to the class while watching the PDF format slides on your monitor screen.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Atha Jamyaat, Yatha Aafrinaamahi! (May it be so as we wish!)May the Flame of Fellowship, Love, Charity and Respect for all burn ever eternal in our hearts so we can do HIS work with humility, diligence and eternal enthusiasm!


Love and Tandoorasti, Soli


May the Flame of Fellowship, Love, Charity and Respect for all burn ever eternal in our hearts so we can do HIS work with humility, diligence and eternal enthusiasm!

Atha Jamyaat, Yatha Aafrinaamahi! (May it be so as we wish!)

Love and Tandoorasti, Soli

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