Oldest Fire Temple in City turns 232 !

The Dadysett Atash Behram at Chira Bazar in south Mumbai entered its 232nd year on Monday. It is the city’s oldest Atash Behram (the highest grade of fire temple for Zoroastrians) consecrated by Mulla Kaus Rustam Jalal in 1783. The complex is listed as a heritage structure and has an old-world charm with a goat pen, a barn for a white bull, an imposing portico and a shaded walkway. According to Parsi Prakash, a community periodical from those days, a jashan (prayers) to invoke rains was organized by the Parsi Punchayat at the Dadysett Atash Behram on June 30, 1824. The next day at 5am, there were heavy showers for 10 minutes.

Similarly, the Hindus organized havan rit uals for four days at Bhuleshwar temple and the Portuguese in their church.

Courtesy : http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/Article.aspx?eid=31804&articlexml=OLDEST-FIRE-TEMPLE-IN-CITY-TURNS-232-05082014008044


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