• Yasmin siganporia

    This song tht u hv put on line is sung ny my father n also composed by him . Mr late phiroze bhaglila. Pls mention tht also. Pls do contact me mr deboo

  • The song is not so clearly recorded. I have a HMV Gramophone records & these song I have heard several times when I was 18 years old. I still have the records but my gramaphone is not is not in a proper conditions.But I still remember the golden days enjoying with family.


      The recording is not clear. However, we used to enjoy hearing this on the gramophone during our childhood days.
      Could you please share the song “Nabeeona Nabee Ammar, Asho Jarthost Paigambar”? It’s a beautiful Parsi song of golden days.

  • Can’t hear the recording clearly of the Natak also.

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