Qissa-e Parsi: The Parsi Story


I am a documentary filmmaker and photographer based out of Mumbai, Delhi and Mhow. Ever since I have been at University, my focus, whether in research or documentation, has primarily been to do with the Parsi community – which I adore and am concerned about in equal measure. My co-director Shilpi and I, are delighted to present our new documentary project in collaboration with the Public Service Broadcasting Trust and the Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of External Affairs. Below is a link to the trailer of  ‘Qissa-e Parsi: The Parsi Story’.

Here is also the link to our Facebook page, where we will keep updating information about screenings in various cities and also how to get a hold of the film:


Hope you enjoy it! And would be very grateful if you could please help us spread the word.

 Thank you & warm regards,

Divya Cowasji

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