• The untold stories of the music arrangers took a piece of my heart away! It brought back the memories of good old days, happy days, youthful days! As a border I sang a lot of these songs with schoolmates, imitating the yesteryears’ actresses by going round the trees, swinging on the tree ropes, etc. But the most shocking thing I realized that till today I did not know the contribution of our community in the Indian music!! I had heard about photographer, Fali Mistry, a relative from my father’s side, heard about one or two Parsi actresses, but never in my dreams did I know about such a huge contribution of Parsis in the music field. As I went through the video it brought a lump to my throat and at times a tear or two trickled down my cheeks. .So old and fragile they looked that it gnawed at my heart! Truly no recognition nor royalty for them! Almost like the Unsung Heroes who actually sung their way out !!!! Thank you for this eye-opener and heart-piercing piece of knowledge!
    Armaity Suresh Patel

  • Really, a heart-touching story of olden day’s music arrangers and musicians. What a soulful songs they composed and sung. This video memorize me the golden days of Indian Music Industry. A so called gems were there,at that time period. A huge list of fragile songs we had due to their irreplaceable efforts.

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