Remembering A UNIQUE PARSI CREATION….Air India’s Maharaja…. and Bobby Kooka


at a some unique, memorable and lovable creations of a forgotten Zarathushti ad man AIR INDIA’s BOBBY KOOKA.
Please have a look.
Rusi Sorabji


The Wonderful Journey Of Air India’s Maharajah

          Air India’s 68-year-old mascot, The Maharajah, may soon be replaced, or so it seems!  The figure of the Maharajah could be interpreted as a symbol of feudal power. Bobby Kooka, the person behind the concept of the brand mascot argued, “He may look like royalty, but he isn’t royal”. While the debate continues, let’s take a look at this wonderful series of posters that describe the journey of the Maharajah ever since it was unveiled in 1946.
All Suited Up! #Classic

Sunbathing in Sydney #Luxury

Celebrations galore! #Victory

An Evening in Paris!

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Enjoy it.  Preserve it.
Chances  are you’ll not  see the likes of these  again.

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