Return to Roots Launches Track B Tour

RTR Growing our Z Roots
Since the inaugural Return to Roots (RTR) trip and its success at returning Zoroastrian youth to their roots and reconnecting them to their Zoroastrian identity, the youth leaders of the program have been hard at work planning the next trip. The inaugural trip’s  impact has already spread across Zoroastrian communities around the world as RTR Fellows gave presentations at their local Zoroastrian associations and wrote articles about their life changing experiences. These Fellows are our community’s future leaders that will ensure a vibrant, global Zoroastrian community for generations to come.


The RTR Track B Tour will run from March 10, 2015 to March 22,2015 and will take participants to historic and cultural Zoroastrian sites in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Gujarat, with world-renowned experts and local guides explaining the cultural, religious and economic significance of the sites being visited.


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