‘Jiyo Parsi Jiyo,’ India Inc needs you too!

While the Tata Group is India’s largest conglomerate, the Wadia Group is also one of the oldest corporate houses in India.

It will be no exageration to say that Godrej is one of the most trusted brands in India.

These corporates were started by Parsi entrepreneurs ages ago and even today their successors continue the legacy by running these business houses in the most ethical way, reports Shaheen Mansuri/Rediff.com.

The Parsi community in India and world over is known for maintaining its distinct customs, traditions and ethnic identity.

However, to our dismay, the dwindling Parsi population in India is a grave concern not only for the society but also for India Inc.

Today, the strength of the Parsi community is only 69,000 in India’s over one billion population. Latest government data reveals the population has declined around 39 per cent in the past 60 years.

This is an alarming situation and the Parsi community has hence launched a ‘Jiyo Parsi’ campaign to encourage Parsi youth to get married and have children to stem the decline.



  • The first hurdle if you may call it so, is the avid desire to improve the standard of life. Parsis are more inclined to what is called Demonstration effect. Second, it is easy to say, bear children. But who is going to look after such infants and school going children.There is is no infrastructure like creches. Couples are forced to depend on servants for looking after their children.So if the desire is to stop the fall in population, (already too late) have infrastructure like creches. Utilise the services of senior citizens who are healthy. Old age home and creches side by side where senior citizens can look after young ones for a stipend. These are jut basic ideas

  • Gul Rusi Billimoria

    I think the above is an excellent idea. The most worry for parents is who will look after the kids when they are at work. In today’s economy everyone needs to work to ensure a comfortable life. If there are creches along side senior citizen homes or create creches in central areas and employ seniors, they too will have a purpose in life and will keep the seniors exercised mentally and physically. There should also be perks for parents like in the UK – atleast six months maternity leave (1 year in the UK) without losing their jobs, etc. But importantly, couples should have their own accommodation to start off their new lives.

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