• The problem with inter-married is to get back in by-way of religious DISCRIMINATION. No PARSEE priest would allow in their HOLY FIRE TEMPLES any non Zorastrian to enter. Before they got married
    did they not know what our customs were. The BRITISH had allowed only Parsees to put on their TEMPLES “NO ADMISSION EXCEPT THE PARSEES”. Why does the govt. of india (JIYO PARSI)do this-cause they know what WE ARE. ZORASTRIANISM goes back nine thousand years. LOVE AND MARRIAGE cannot be allowed to destroy a pristine religion.

  • “Definitely something pro-active has to be done within the Parsi community to stop such a decline, more marriages with at least two offspring is my recommendation.” ~ Sincerely, Neville

    • Agree with your comment. But the vice like grip of BPP Trustees and many of Societies in Mumbai should be negated. They are taking huge amounts as donations for premises on Leave and Licence. What a crap. These people are making use of slow judicial pace in our country to dupe hapless middle class. The secretary and chairman of this society behave as if they are the landlords. How can the community grow if there are such selfish people. Also, there is nobody to regulate them or penalise them. What a Shame. Dissenting members are threatened with costly lawsuits while the above (society)uses charity funds to finance their lawsuits. This society has the maximum number of law suits filed against the tenants. The intention is just to harass the tenants. Is there nobody in the Parsi Legal Fraternity to fight these cheats.

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