Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman, Mhow


Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman, Mhow is seeking urgently the services of a Mobed Saheb for our Agiary (Adarian Saheb) and Doongerwadi.

We have a Resident Parsi population of 42 persons; hence the day-to-day workload is light. There are monthly, seasonal and Muktad prayers and Jashans. Mhow is a small, quiet town with excellent, unpolluted climate. It is conveniently located near Indore; hence there is adequate availability of good educational and medical facilities. There is good connectivity by all modes of transport to Gujarat, Mumbai and all other places within India.

Broad terms of employment are:

A. Financials:

  1. Your Annual Package will be Rs. 6.00 lakhs.

  2. You will retain all amounts received from private prayers and ceremonies.

  3. You will qualify for payments from the BPP under their Mobed Amelioration

B. Leave:

You will be entitled to 30 days leave per annum, under certain terms and conditions.

C. Housing:

You will be provided with rent free, 3 BHK unfurnished housing, which is within the Agiary Complex; hence there is no commute.

D. Duties:

Your duties will include daily 5 times BOI, all Anjuman prayers and upkeep of the Agiary and Doongerwadi. You may conduct any private ceremonies, provided such ceremonies do not clash with the performance of your duties with the Anjuman. You shall be entitled to keep all monies paid for such private ceremonies.

Kindly contact:

Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman, 397 Centre Street, Mhow, MP 453441, Phone +91 7324 275645, Email


Zal J. Cowasji, Hon. Secretary, Mobile +91 98260 72629,

Parsi Agiary Complex · 397 Centre Street · Mhow, MP 453441 · Phone +91 7324 275645 · Email

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