Ervad Nadarsha Navroji Aibara

In the second half of the nineteenth century there was an Ervad by the name of Nadarsha Navroji Aibara, he was panthaki of the Karani Agiyari at Cusrow Baug. This pious Ervad had been contacted by and was under the guidance of the aura of none other than Dasturji Kukadaru. He used to give nirangs to those in need and impart religious knowledge as expounded to him by Dasturji Kukadaru.

A book has been written on his life, where some of his teachings as expounded to him by Dasturji Kukadaru have been recorded

Click here to read the Book…LateErvadNadarshaNavrojiAibaraEnglish


Courtesy : Faarzan Sopariwalla

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