Five Gardens in Dadar Parsi Colony

Mumbai for kids: Five Gardens in Dadar Parsi Colony

For over two years now, I’ve passed by this space every week, and we’ve (my kids and I) attempted a trip almost a year ago, when the park wasn’t thrown open to public. This time, I discover that it’s open finally, and we pack a smallish picnic basket and set off for Five Gardens, Dadar-Parsi Colony, early in the morning.

The gates are open and the colourful equipment with their roundabouts, spiralling stairs, ladders, slides, tunnels, playpens and footholds beckon. The kids run, and I lose them quickly in the haze of colour. The equipment that is available for the kids seem immense; over three dozen kids can play here at the same time without feeling squashed. There is equipment that tests your balancing skills and some that makes you use both sides of your brain, while others test your muscle power and flexibility. The slides are curvy, while a few zip down straight, others dip you down through hollow rods. The tactile experiences are many. You can climb, crawl, walk and zip down and repeat the same thing through different permutations and combinations. Crash mats ensure that you do not get hurt even if you are not able to control you descent.

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Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman of Secunderabad and Hyderabad


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