Youth Congress in New Zealand

The World Zoroastrian Youth Congress in Auckland New Zealand Dec 2015
The fee for each candidate is NZD $ 1400 for 3 days including stay and meals.
How many Zoroastrian families can afford to send their children even one let alone several for this congress?
So is this congress only for the rich youth? Cannot the cost of this congress be subsidised by the various Zoroastrian associations ?
Or kept rates for participating  lower ?
I have tried to talk sense to the organising committee and have not had a positive response.
On behalf of a lot of Zoroastrian people in New Zealand Australia and all over the world I have been requested to post my communication with the organising committee dated 5th and 6th May which is still awaiting a response.
Am posting this communication with the hope that some sort of solution can be found to allow Zoroastrian Youth world wide especially those who cannot afford this high fee to be able to attend this even in large numbers and help propagate friendship amongst our youth.
This in turn if done regularly go a long way in increasing our dwindling numbers .

Neville Choksi <>


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