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A quarterly series of articles, reporting on the volunteers of the 2023 8th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (8WZYC) to be held in London

Individual vs Communal voice



This series of articles aims to provide an insight into the profiles of the individuals who will be organising the 2023 8th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (8WZYC). Each article will detail how the organisers are trying to inspire and motivate the future generation of young Zoroastrians. We hope that these profiles will provide our readers with an insightful perspective into the lives and visions of the 2023 8WZYC organising volunteers.


This first article highlights the journey of the two congress Co-Chairs and how they use their voice to represent the community and add value to bring about progressive change through a communal voice.




Sheherazad F Kapadia and Sanaya Khambatta are both from London, England and are together chairing the 2023 8WZYC. In 2019, they started serving the UK Young Zoroastrian (YZ) committee as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively; and are committed to representing the voice and views of young Zoroastrians in the UK.

Sheherazad & Sanaya at Sanaya’s 18th Birthday


Both Sheherazad and Sanaya come from Zoroastrian families who have been strongly involved in serving their Zoroastrian communities. In the past, Sheherazad’s father was the Treasurer in the 1997 2WZYC and her mother was a teacher for the UK Zoroastrian Children’s Fun Club. Sanaya’s family has been prominent in the Delhi Parsi community and several charitable causes. As a result of their family’s extensive communal involvement, Sheherazad and Sanaya have both been actively involved in the Zoroastrian community, from a very young age.


In this article, they hope to shine a light on their journey in representing the YZ community and planning the 2023 8WZYC.



Why do you wish to be involved in the community?


Sheherazad – At age 10, my family and I moved to the Middle East, which seemed like a scary decision at the time. We never thought we would find a Zoroastrian community as vibrant and loving as our London group. However, looking back, it may have been the best choice my parents ever made!  Within the first month of moving, my family and I were introduced to a group of expatriate Zoroastrians who called themselves, the ‘Abu Dhabi Bawa Gang’. From then on, we enjoyed communal weekly dinners, outings and celebrations. The Bawa Gang taught me a lot – most importantly that no matter where I go, what I do, or how scared I become of the future, our Zoroastrian community and faith will always be there for me.


The moment I returned to London for higher studies, I felt a sense of responsibility to give back to my Zoroastrian roots and so I joined the YZ committee. Beyond that, I truly hope that through the 8WZYC, I can provide a platform for our Zoroastrian youth across the globe, to build a sense of belonging, empathy and a voice. Afterall, a community that cares, is a community that makes for a brighter tomorrow.



Sanaya – Growing up, my family always ensured that I had a strong sense of community and try to follow the three tenants of the religion- Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. As a result, I always had Zoroastrian friends and engaged with them socially on a regular basis as well as attended Zoroastrian classes from an early age to learn about my religion and these tenants. Through this, I felt an innate sense of belonging which helped to shape my identity and allowed me to understand more about our religion overall. I have always been a proud Zoroastrian and my motivation for my involvement with the main YZs is that I want others to feel the same way I did growing up. I want them to have a sense of community, to meet other like-minded individuals and make and share experiences with them and to follow the religion, not because they have to but because they want to.

What do you think you can bring to the table in terms of co-chairing the 2023 8WZYC in United Kingdom?


Sanaya – Both Sheherazad and I come from different backgrounds – whether that be career, academic or our extra-curricular activities we participate in. However, it is this differentiating outlook that will benefit us greatly as we embark upon our journey in co-chairing the 2023 8WZYC in United Kingdom. We both examine a problem or task from a unique perspective and work on collaborating together to provide the best course of action that benefits our community, peers and the project at hand. We have grown up together and over the years have come to mutually understand how the other thinks, their strengths and we plan on using these attributes to our full advantage when working with others and each other. We are confident where our area of expertise lies and understand when to delegate or ask for help from each other if faced with something that we are unsure about. We both believe communication and transparency is key in working with one another and a passion for what we are doing – which we have in abundance!



How do you overcome representing a community and not just your own viewpoint?


Sheherazad – For us, having a communal voice is essential to good leadership. Often today, we see world leaders who bring their personal agenda in politics- which tends to only create more divide.


Having a communal voice does not just mean representing the views of others, it means accepting that sometimes your ideas or opinions will not be followed and you will have to implement a different ideology. Whilst at times this can seem hard, we always remind ourselves of the wider goal that we are working towards and that by listening and considering other points of views, we can create a more inclusive and empowered community.


Sanaya and I have both always been guided to show kindness in our actions. We both believe that when taking on a role of leadership, whether it be; captaining your high school sports team or starting up an enterprise, being openminded and respecting the opinions of all those around you, especially those who you represent will always be a huge asset towards the success of your endeavours.

Sheherazad & Sanaya at Sanaya’s 18th Birthday


What is the value of having a female based committee and acting co-chairs?


Sheherazad – The young Zoroastrian community in the UK has a vibrant atmosphere, and I am both proud and grateful to say that having women in leadership positions is not a rare occurrence in the UK YZ community.  I truly feel that having a congress committee that is made up of so many wonderful and accomplished young women is essential and will showcase how we are paving the way to a more equitable society. Sanaya and I firmly believe that with the equality and empowerment of women, we will achieve a stronger future for our community as well as our religion.



What do we hope the Zoroastrian youth will look like on a global scale?


Sanaya – Looking to the future of the global Zoroastrian youth, we hope that individuals will continue wanting to follow the Zoroastrian faith and be part of the global Zoroastrian community – through attendance at events such as youth congresses and world congresses.


This can develop one’s spiritual and emotional connection with the religion as well as their peers, and allow individuals to see us as a unified global community rather than simply a religion that they ‘have’ to follow. We wish for the YZ community to advance and slowly start tackling progressive issues that we face, not only within the religion, but in society too and to evolve to be respectful and inclusive of all.


Closing paragraph

We hope our answers have provided you with an insight into us as individuals, as well as our views for the progression of the 2023 8WZYC in London, UK. If you have any questions to be addressed in future articles please email them to and we will be happy to respond.







Sheherazd F. Kapadia

Chair – Young Zoroastrian’s of the UK,
Co-Chair – 2023 8th Zoroastrian World Youth Congress (London, United Kingdom)
Occupational Therapy Student/Assistant Therapist








Sanaya Khambatta
Vice Chair – Young Zoroastrian’s of the UK
Co-Chair – 2023 8th Zoroastrian World Youth Congress (London, United Kingdom)
Technical Consultant at IBM


WZCC-WE Program on Sat.15-09-2018

Dear All,

Join us for a very special evening filled with fun and interactions with “Mrs India She is India” Winners at an Interactive Workshop for Women Organized by ‘WE’ – Women Entrepreneurs’ Wing of WZCC.

Here’s your chance to learn how to make it big in the world of Business, Fashion and Glamour and yet be a Socially Responsible Citizen.

Spend time with Delnaz & Neha and get to know them and their views on Independent Women.

Limited seats available for this event so call right now to register!

Date: Saturday 15th September, 2018

Time: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Venue: YWCA, 18 Madam Cama Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400001.

Participation fee inclusive of tea and snacks is :

Rs. 350 /- for WZCC/WE Members and Rs. 400 /- for Non-Members


RSVP: Ms. Zarine Khan       022-23532522 / 96191 65444

Ms. Homai Mehta                           98208 26367

Ms. Behroze Daruwalla                      96192 01951



Youth Congress in New Zealand

The World Zoroastrian Youth Congress in Auckland New Zealand Dec 2015
The fee for each candidate is NZD $ 1400 for 3 days including stay and meals.
How many Zoroastrian families can afford to send their children even one let alone several for this congress?
So is this congress only for the rich youth? Cannot the cost of this congress be subsidised by the various Zoroastrian associations ?
Or kept rates for participating  lower ?
I have tried to talk sense to the organising committee and have not had a positive response.
On behalf of a lot of Zoroastrian people in New Zealand Australia and all over the world I have been requested to post my communication with the organising committee dated 5th and 6th May which is still awaiting a response.
Am posting this communication with the hope that some sort of solution can be found to allow Zoroastrian Youth world wide especially those who cannot afford this high fee to be able to attend this even in large numbers and help propagate friendship amongst our youth.
This in turn if done regularly go a long way in increasing our dwindling numbers .

Neville Choksi <>


FEZANA 6WZYC2015 Subsidy Program

Federation Of Zoroastrian Associations Of North America

FEZANA 6WZYC2015 Subsidy Committee

Fezana SUBSIDY for Young Zarathushtis to attend

6th  World Zoroastrian Youth Congress 2015



  1. US$ 20,000 have been approved by FEZANA to provide subsidies to 40 (Forty) Zarathushti youth from USA & Canada to attend the 6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (6WZYC2015) in Auckland, New Zealand in December 2015.
  2. FEZANA will provide a subsidy of $500 per person.
  3. Member associations are encouraged to match or exceed the FEZANA subsidy of $500 per person.
  4. Composition of FEZANA 6WZYC2015 Subsidy Committee (Committee):
    • Chair: Saghar Javanshir – FEZANA Secretary
    • Representatives from Member Associations: Mahrukh Motafram (ZSWS), Sherazade Mehta (ZANT), Tashan Mistree-Byramji (ZAPANJ) and Zain Mavalvalla (ZSBC).


Eligibility Criteria

Recipients of this SUBSIDY must be:

a.)    Individuals practicing the Zarathushti faith

b.)    Citizens, legal residents holding status in USA or Canada

c.)    Young Zarathushtis between the ages of 15 to 35 years*.

d.)    Have already registered to attend the 6WZYC in Auckland, New Zealand.


Criteria For Judging

  1. Meet the Eligibility Criteria as above.
  2. Essay – Applicants can write their essays on one of the following 5 topics in less than 500 words.


    • What inspires today’s youth to see no personal boundaries-breaking barriers to achieve their full potential?
    • Symbolism in Zoroastrianism
    • Priesthood
    • How do today’s youth inculcate a sense of pride about being a Zoroastrian?
    • Zoroastrianism and the Green Initiative
  1. Participation at local Association events and religious education classes.
  2. Participation in ZYNA and/or other youth organizations; or in interfaith and community service activities.
  3.   Attendance at NA Zarathushti &/or World Youth/ Adult Congresses in the past.



  • FEZANA member associations are requested to appoint a point person for contact and put out a call to all their individual members and request completed applications (including essays) of those who have registered for the 6WZYC2015 to be submitted to the Committee.
  • Youth planning to attend 6WZYC must submit application (including essay) and proof of registration to the Committee (May 10, 2015).
  • The Committee will review, evaluate and prepare a list of recommended awardees and forward it to FEZANA President (June 7, 2015).
  • Winners to be announced by FEZANA President (June 10, 2015).

  • The application will contain a sign off statement that the applicant is a Zarathushti between 15 and 35 years of age; and will return the subsidy amount to FEZANA in case of failure to attend the 6WZYC for any reason.


Application  Procedure

Application form will be available on the FEZANA website (as of March 25) or by email from the members of the Subsidy Committee.


The application form with proof of registration to the 6WZYC2015 along with all attachments (including essay), must be submitted by May 10, 2015 to:



FEZANA – Subsidy Committee

Tel:  972-385-4847

Email:  sherazadem ( @ )


Please copy:

Saghar Javanshir

EMAIL: sjbehroozi ( @ _)

6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress, New Zealand – Early Bird Registration

Dear Friends,

The early bird registration for the

2015 6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress, New Zealand  (Dec 28 2015 – 2 Jan 2, 2016)

Closes on April 12, 2015.

Registration is available to our  youth between the ages of 15-35 (No exceptions)

Over 100-seats are already taken to-date.

In order to avail of the Early bird rate, 

you must submit your completed 

online registration form + pay the registration fees by 12 April 2015.

To register or for more information,

please visit:

Check out snippets of what delegates will be in-store for:

Thank you for being a part of this monumental global event

to promote youth leadership among our future generation.

Blessings with love, light, appreciation and gratitude from

Meher Amalsad

Founding Chair

North American and World Zoroastrian Youth Congresses.

Westminster, California, USA

World Zoroastrian Youth Congress 2015 – Registrations open

Dear Respected Global Zarathushti Leaders,
We are proud to announce that registration for the 6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (WZYC) has officially opened.
The 6-day enthralling event is taking place at Kings College, Auckland, New Zealand between 28th December 2015 and 2nd January 2016. Delegates will be given the opportunity to come together and experience a Congress intended to educate, engage and motivate them to embrace New Zealand’s treasured culture, enhance their unique Zoroastrian traditions and evolve to create a united future.
In essence, the Congress motto: Embrace…Enhance…Evolve.
This world class event will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we truly encourage youth from all corners of the world to attend. Please spread the word amongst your communities and Zoroastrian Organisations by forwarding this email, making announcements at yearly events and placing the attached poster in your Zoroastrian Centres.
To register or for more information, delegates should visit:
Check out snippets of what delegates will be in-store for:
We look forward to delegates attending in large numbers!
Best regards,
The 6th WZYC Organising Committee