Navar ceremony of Jahan J. Fatakia

Jam-e-Jamshed's photo.

The Navar ceremony of Jahan J. Fatakia, aged 9 years and studying in the Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School, son of Er. Jawid B. Fatakia and Yasmin, was performed at the Bai Motlibai Wadia Agiary (Jogeshwari West) on Roj Hormazd, Mah. Dae, Y.Z 1384, May 15.

The Navar ceremony was conducted under the able guidance of Er. Eric Dastur and Er. Khusru Kanga.

Panthaki Saheb Framroze D. Vatcha, all the Mobed Sahebs and support staff of the Agiary extended full support.

Courtesy : Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman of Secunderabad and Hyderabad shared Jam-e-Jamshed’s photo.

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