Wedding Aashirwads in Pazand and Sanskrit


Listen in to Pazand Aashirwad, Sanskrit Ashirwad, along with Afrin Buzorgaan and Doa Tandarosti rendered beautifully by Er. Soli Dastur

Pazand Ashirwad from Masani with English Transliteration

The original Pazand Ashirwad was published in Gujarati with its word by word translation in Gujarati by that eminent Parsi Scholar Ervad Feroze Masani. Ervad Soli P. Dastur transliterated it as well as translated it from Gujarati into English.

Pazand_Ashirwad_Translation and Transliteration

Sanskrit Ashirwad from Masani

By Ervad Soli P. Dastur.

After our ancestors received the gracious asylum by King Jadi Rana and his court, and after establishing our Pak Iranshah Atash Behram on the land granted to us by King Jadi Rana, our learned Dasturjis, at the request of the King Jadi Rana, explained the basics of our religion and social customs to the King and his court. One of our most sacred social custom of marriage was explained to them with our Pazand Ashirwad. And in their honor, our Dasturjis translated this Pazand Ashirwad in Sanskrit and presented it to the King and His court with a solemn oath that in their honor, during our most sacred marriage ceremony, we will perform our Pazand Ashirwad followed by this Sanskrit Ashirwad, followed by Afrin Buzorgaan and Doa Tandoorasti.

Over the centuries, unfortunately, many Mobed families dropped this Sanskrit Ashirwad from the marriage ceremony. However, to this day, some of the nine Sanjana families in charge of Iranshah still continue this old tradition and I am very proud to say that our immediate Dastoor family still has kept this old custom going and my brother Ervad Palanji Dastoor and me have performed a few Ashirwads of our immediate families with both Pazand and Sanskrit Ashirwads.

Hope we continue this practice in the future.

Sanskrit_Ashirwad Translation and Transliteration

Courtesy and Kind Persmission from Er. Soli Dastur and Simon Gee, ZAF Online

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