Tirgan Khohjasteh Baad

Tirgan Khohjasteh Baad


Fariborz Rahnamoon

Today (22-06-2015) is Tirgan the LONGEST DAY                


THE ANCIENT MAZDIYASNI CALENDAR updated by Zarathushtra was the most accurate calendar that has ever existed in the civilized world to this day. The year always started with the Vernal Equinox whereby the leap year was automatically taken care of. Its accuracy was further strengthened by dividing into months the number of days of each individual season marked by the position of the earth in its orbit round the sun. The proof of this is in the four festivals that are celebrated to this day.


1-      Vernal Equinox the beginning of Spring as New Year – Now Rooz

2-   Summer Solstice the beginning of Summer as Tirgan

3-      Autumnal Equinox the beginning of Fall as Mehregan

4-      Winter Solstice the beginning of winter as Yalda (Deygan)


These four positions and the four seasons although they may seem to be of equal length, in reality they are not equal. The path of the earth around the sun is such that it does not divide the time taken to travel, from one position to another, into four equal parts as one would ordinarily believe. In fact none of the four parts are equal. Spring has 92.8 days, Summer 93.6 days Autumn 89.9 days and winter 88.9 days. Each individually divided works out to 31 days each for the first six months, the next 5 months of 30 days and the last month of the balance of the days before the Vernal Equinox which is 29 and automatically 30 every fourth years.


Based on this premise and by incorporating other traditions the following calendar has been designed. The traditional names of the days are used and the 31st day of the first 6 months has been named “Avardad” the Pahlavi word meaning “extra day”. The seven days of the week have been named after the Amesha Spentas.  Check out the calendar below and for detail information please visit http://zarathushticalendar.com/

Or click http://ahura.homestead.com/files/ARTICLES/ZARATHUSHTI_CALENDAR.pdf                                                                


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Fariborz Rahnamoon

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