Zubin Muncherji from Singapore

Zubin Percy Muncherji  is a 19 year old Singaporean Parsi male . His main event is 400 m and also runs the 200m
Zubin is the current National Record Holder of Singapore in the 400m Mens having broken a long standing record of 40 years at the age of 17 years! 
In 2014 Zubin was ranked number  2 in  SOUTH EAST ASIA .
He is number 1 in Singapore in the 400 m Mens since 2013 
Zubin was a finalist at the SEA GAMES 2015 and came 6 th in the finals . ( was recovering from a hamstring injury sustained just 2 weeks before the Games)
Silver medalist 400 m SEA Games Junior 2013/2014
Zubin also qualified  and participated at IAAF World Youth and IAAF World Juniors prestigious competitions  .
Zubin ‘s 4×400 relay win at the Nationals 2014 went viral and had 100000 views as he anchored the win from the 4 th position to gold . 
He trains every year in the USA for 2 months . 
Presently he is serving in the Army ,( National Service )which is compulsory for all Singaporean males once 18 years old. 
He did his A Levels from Anglo Chinese Junior College . 
He is looking to go to the USA for further studies . 
His dream is to be the fastest man in Asia .
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Courtesy : Russi Ghadiali

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