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As a part of my final year specialisation project I was told to make a Documentary on a topic of my choice.
I have been the only Parsi in my school and again the only one in my college, so I decided to take this opportunity to make a Documentary on my religion- Zoroastrianism to make people aware of our basic traditions, customs and beliefs and most importantly our existence.

Do have a look at my Documentary which has been written, directed, cinematographed and edited by me.
Looking forward to your love and support.
Thank You

Pallavi Shroff


  • Thank you for a delightful insight into Parsi people, their culture, rites and mores.

  • Lovely 🙂

  • Very informative will love to watch often. Well made.

  • A beautifully made documentary giving the very basic information of our community which we can share with our friends of other communities. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours, Pallavi.

  • A great work done by Ms Pallavi. Very informative and knowledge. As a Parsi I am thankful to Pallavi for making me know things that I did not know.

  • What a resourceful documentary Pallavi!!! Hope some see, understand and absorb the true essence of zoroastrianism.

  • It is a very good documentary with basic information, but as far as conversion is concerned
    Its not written anywhere in Z.. book, that no conversion is allowed.

  • I kindly and profoundly disagree with your disclaimer, Zarathustra clearly saw his mission (and ours) as one of vigorously spreading his life-affirming and world transforming message to ‘ALL THE LIVING’.

    [31.3] (4.3) [7-9-7; 7-9-7]
    Yãm då mainyû Athrâ-châ 
    Ashâ-châ chôish rânôibyâ khshnûtem,
    hyat urvatem chazdôñghvadebyô,
    tat nê Mazdâ, vîdvanôi vaochâ 
    hizvâ thwahyâ ånghô 
    ýâ jvañtô vîspêñg vâurayâ.

    What You bestowest through Your spiritual Fire
    and the Bliss attainable through Asha You have promised to both parties,
    and what the Law is for those rich in discernment,
    that unto us, O Mazda, declare for our enlightenment,
    with words from Your Own mouth,
    so that I may ever convert all the living onto the Right Path.

    Pallavi Shroff, may God bless you and yours!!

  • Well-done Pallavi well-done. Short, sweet & to the point.

  • Firstly let me congratulate you on this concise & wonderful documentary on Zoroastrianism, capturing all the essentials of our religion in a nutshell. For a school project it is simply unparalleled.
    If I may be permitted, would like to point out a couple of ‘errors’ in your video.
    1)Your premise (at 3:04-time) of 936 AD being the ‘set-sail’ date from Iran could be erroneous, as at a later 7:38-time in your video you have stated ‘the Udvada fire to be burning for 1300 years, which is more accurate as then the date is 715 AD, the year of consecration of the Holy fire at Sanjan (which after over 650 + years, was then shifted to many diff venues, over many years, for its safety).
    It must be noted that the first landing was at the Island of Diu (around 696 AD) where the first group landed & stayed for 15-19 years, before sailing for & landing at Sanjan (name given to the place by the Parsis after their place in Iran) / Nargol beach around 711-713 AD. It was on this trip that the storm took place, & the power of our Ashem/Yatha prayers. It then took sometime for a certain level of trust, before the local King permitted the setting up of our ‘Aathash Behram’ at Sanjan around 715 AD.

    2) About the Dog, being used for establishing the certainty of death is NOT accurate. The dog is used at precise times before,during, & after the prayers to absorb ‘druj-naso’ emanating out of the dead body. A more detailed explanation may be found by those interested at ‘Frashogard’ blog of Er. Marzban Hathiram.

  • Dear Pallavi,

    Congratulations! Your documentary on Zoroastrianism was commendable and complete. Gave me a strong sense of pride watching your documentary – I believe you come from a traditional family and hold religious values. Unfortunately, it’s a rarity to encounter Parsis with your thoughts and beliefs in this day and age. May Ahura Mazda fulfil all of your dreams.

    Best regards,
    Er. Jal Dastur

  • Hi,
    May I show it on the First Zoroastrian TV Station?

    Arshid Moti

    • Thankyou soooooooooooooooo much for all your beautiful comments, warm wishes and blessings, each and every comment means a lot to me 😊

      Mr. Arshid Moti,
      The main concept behind making this documentary was to increase awareness about our beautiful ancient religion and therefore it would be an honour to see my documentary being broadcasted on your show 😊😊😊
      Thankyou so much for this opportunity 😊😊😊

    • At least make the date correction if not of the (‘sejdo’) dog, before showing it on TV.

  • Aspi, with all due respect, after reading your comment I double checked about the date, and clarified it with my mentor as well, as per our sources and research the date is controversial but not wrong. I hope you understand, the intention is not at all to go against you or anyone else. 🙂

  • Dear Pallavi Shoroff; thank you very much for your beautiful and educational documentary and hard work. I would like to refresh your memory that Ashoo Zoroaster Espantaman is making a covenant with Ahooramazda in 71 versus of his Gataha that he even will try to convert and guide his most enemies to the right path of Good Though, Good Word and Good Deed. That is why he was chosen to lead people and convert them from the wrong path they were going to the right pass of righteousness. if Ashoo Zoraster would not have tried to convert people to the right path, then he would have been the only Mazdayasni of the world without any follower. But we know that with so many historical evidences that the Zoroastrianism was dominant from China to Mediterranean. Now if we are claiming to be the true follower of Ashoo Zoraoster , then we are responsible to share the glory of the good life with every human being who is looking for the right path.

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