A warm Welcome to ADAR YAZAD

A warm Welcome to ADAR YAZAD


The ninth day of the month and the ninth month of the year in the Parsi calendar is dedicated to Adar Yazad. For all those who are numerically inclined, Adar is the only Yazad who enjoys the same position – ninth – in the list of the roj and the mah.


The word Adar means fire. It is another word for atar. As the name suggests Adar yazad presides over all types of fire and fire energies. It is a Hamkar (co-worker) of Ardibahesht Ameshaspand.


The second grade of fire, which we refer to as Adaran, is dedicated to Adar Yazad. That is the reason why sometimes Agyaris are also called Adarans.


There is no Yasht dedicated to Adar Yazad. Atash Nyaishna which is dedicated to fire, is also dedicated to Adar Yazad. The Athro Ahurahe Mazda puthra paragraph in Atash nyaishna is a dedication to Adar yazad.


Three of the most important fires – Adar Khordad, Adar Gushasp and Adar Burzin Meher, mentioned first indirectly in the paragraph of Athro ahurahe mazdao in the Atash Nyaishn, and then directly at the end of the Nyaishna, are fires created by Ahura Mazda during the creation of the world for protecting mankind.


These divine fires took the form of Khoreh (Energy) and came into this world. Even today, we remember these fires when we pray the Atash Nyaishna, and we pray that the glory of these fires keep on increasing. This clearly shows that these spiritual fires are beyond the physical form. They look after and protect the world. These three Fires, mentioned together at several places, helped several Iranian kings an heroes


When Adar roz and Adar Mah coincides it is a very auspicious day for fires. We may even consider this day as the birthday of fires. The day prior to this (roj Daepadar) is regarded as the birthday of all hearths and hearth fires, and that is why many Parsi homes decorate their cooking places with vermillion and turmeric paste and draw the Afarganyu, chipyo and chamach over there.


On the auspicious day Adar mahino adar roj several sacred fires were consecrated. The most important fire for all us Zoroastrians – the sacred Iranshah – also celebrates its Birthday, on this auspicious day. May we always make ourselves worthy to aspire for the blessings and protection from our sacred Iranshah.




Aadar Maino and Hormuzd roj Mubarak to all my Parsi Zorastrian brethren. Live happily and peacefully friends.


Courtesy : ‎Zenobia Dinyar Patrawala



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