Laxma Goud and Adil Writer

Laxma Goud and Adil Writer: Collaborators; conspirators; irreverent provocateurs; artists; impresarios and myth makers.” (Embracing Unpredictability, Aarti Vir, January 2016)

LAXMA GOUD and ADIL WRITER photo credit Rahul Gudipudi

In Collaboration, by Goud and Writer, on view at the Pundole Art Gallery, Colaba till the 20th of May, is a testament to the above statement. This alliance has lead to the emergence of a number of unique pieces each telling a story; speaking to the seamless partnership between the two artists.


On display are books, boxes, sculptures and shields, bringing together Goud’s two-dimensional paintings with Writer’s clay and stoneware ceramics. A characteristic feature of this show is that the visitors are encouraged to touch and interact with the artwork, to feel the curves and appreciate the cracks that have emerged through the firing process. These are not flaws in the artwork but rather the language of ceramics.

Gallery picture with the works

The success of this collaboration lies in the ability to embrace the unpredictable and engage in a process of joint exploration of ideas. Goud, with roots in rural Andhra Pradesh and Writer, a Parsi from Mumbai, now living in Auroville, are the ideal collaborators epitomising these qualities.

66 Platter - 8

On view:       IN COLLABORATION – Laxma Goud & Adil Writer

Pundole Art Gallery, Tanna House, Colaba

Monday – Friday (11:00 am to 6:30 pm)


For more information, visit:

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