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An initiative by Atassh Consultants – Entrepreneurs who are largely responsible for Countries economic are invariable neglected and remain un recognized. In our quest to develop a list of 5000 Fortune Entrepreneurs we are initiating a first step to enhance an Entrepreneurs capability to transform from Entrepreneurship to an Enterprise.

We are planning to host a 2 day orientation workshop for 25 participants only. The workshop will comprise of:

  1. The core purpose of your Business
  2. Identifying the value within your organization & personal DNA
  3. Based on your value system we develop a MISSION. VISION & VALUE statement for the organization with SWOT Analysis
  4. Goal setting in terms of revenue, growth and market positioning. Best Management practices.
  5. A structured strategic program for (1). Functional aspects of the organization, (2). Development program with responsibility for self & others in the organization. (3). Revenue & Growth related target setting with accountability system.
  6. Understanding & setting a methodology for K.R.A. (Key Result Areas), K.P.I. (Key Performance Indicators). K.P.M. (Key Performance Management)The program will be hosted on a Saturday & Sunday at a star hotel venue inclusive of Lunch, tea and take away learning material.
    Timings are 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

The workshop is priced @ Rs.10000/- inclusive of all taxes. (Early Bird offer to first 5 participants or August 10, 2016 is Rs.8500 all inclusive

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Atassh Centre for Entrepreneurs – (ACE)

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