Papri Papetana Lagan

Jamshed Kotwal presents

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Parsi Fun Songs


Jeejeebhoy Jamshedji

Kumarano Kaklaat

Modern Laila Majnu

Nakhrali Najoo

Bolni Bolni Sweet Homai

Laine Kaachni Katli



Full list of all songs on the CD

Songs List 01

CDs available at Faredoon Burjor, Zoroastrian Studies,

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Papri Papetana Lagan


  • Rohinton M. Sanjana

    After Avery long time Igor the oppertunity to hear ur lovely melodious voice. I m now residing at Chennai.

  • Thank you Dear Jamshed for keeping the hilarious flame of parsis flashing. Almost after five dacades, I am hearing your melody. I remember you sitting on the bannister of a staircase in Ratamai’s Navsari house and singing untiring on our farmayesh.
    all the songs are well composed. I would love to buy a CD.
    Do pay us a visit, when you happen to come to Sutat.
    Minoo Parabia

  • We had a collecction of old Parsi songs including Papribai e kidha papeta saathe lagana veritable favourite of mine as also Jeroo jabri Kaun sambhale. Thank you Evd. Kotwal. A time travelling experience.

  • We had a collecction of old Parsi songs including Papribai e kidha papeta saathe lagana veritable favourite of mine as also Jeroo jabri Kaun sambhale. Thank you Evd. Kotwal. A time travelling experience.

  • Keep parsee flag flying. God bless.

  • Hi Jamshed,
    It is always a pleasure to listen to your trademark bubbly tracks….full of effervescence….enough to drive away any blues. Its reminiscent of the Parsee character – mischievous and hilarious. These melodies can easily make any Navjote or Lagan come alive. I take great pride in saying I have a musical wizard in the family. Wishing you and your group a great success with the album.
    -Rustom Mody

  • Hi Jamshed,
    Thanks, my grateful ears feasted on your old favourite Parsee songs. Do you have the same on pendrives which would be very convenient to carry around.
    I also remember a very funny song I heard long ago about a woman’s hen laying it’s egg at her neighbour’s and the curses that follow. Trying to get that one along with “GUM RE GANTI GOL GOL” Percy.

  • I had heard a v old song on Mushkel Asan Behram Yazad on record. Also there is a song on 18 divas Muktad na.

    If anybody happens to have these 2 songs kindly share with me. They are really wonderful.


    Rishni Shroff

  • Diniar Sorab Bilimoria

    Lyrics with the song is enjoyable

  • I am very much interested in getting album of Phiroz Bhagalias song. I am in sutch of one song ” Naju hatu enu nam Nargol hatu enu nam eni kahani samjo yar” also other songs. At that time HMV was producing records of Bhagalia.

  • I am yasmin siganporia nee bhagalia. Phiroze bhagalia was my father. Papri e kidha laan nd ek pilla ni ladai all these songs were written by my father. Can i contact you jamshed kotwal? I have preserved all of his old records with me

  • Ketayun Hoshy Balsara

    I m Ketayun Balsara and Yasmine siganporia’s sister. Yes my father Phiroze Bhagalia had composed and sung many songs with HMV. I m delighted to know that he is remembered today so fondly.

  • Thank you. Enjoyed the songs. I used to have a cassette which got damaged. I am searching for a particular song. It was something about cinema jova gayo to mari bairi uchkai gai…. ….. bijey share nakhod gai to pachi aavi gai, and something about morarjee no upay….. batali fridge ma muki……. beer samji aakhi choosai gai. It was hilarious. If anyone has it, please upload. Or contact me. I can arrange to collect a tape or record or CD.

  • Dear Jamshedji,
    Sunil here from Vadodara, at Parsi Agiyari maidan, sayajigunj there was a flower shop and they had fantastic collection of Parsi Gujarati Kahevat ane Ukhana on walls, sadly new florist JK told me that he don’t know where they are now. If you happen to know, kindly advice me. My first love is Gujarati.

  • Great to hear ols parsee songs, however there is one CALLED EK PILA NI LADAI CHOLAI CHAUVIS DIVAS BHAI”. Thus song am looking for, wonderful if you could help. It’s hilarious though it has some adjectives in it. Please do send on email if you have lyrics.

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