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Parsis are upset and embarrassed after reading about the boardroom drama involving Ratan Tata, the tallest figure in the community and Tata Sons, a company “the whole community is proud of”.
When The Quint approached a cross section of the Zoroastrian community at Parsi Colony in Mumbai, most of them were initially unwilling to talk about the controversy as they were unhappy with its media coverage. They thought the media was playing it out of proportion and that media leaks were tarnishing the image of the flagship Parsi business conglomerate.

Interestingly, many members of the minority community were sympathetic to Cyrus Mistry during off-record chats as well as on-camera interviews, although no one spoke a word against Rata Tata. They did not like the unceremonious removal of Cyrus Mistry, whose family they hold in high regard along with the Tatas. Most of them seemed to be unaware of the complete picture, when they said things like ‘Mistry should have been given a chance to resign’.
Of the 50 people we approached, every young as well as old person was unanimous on one thing – that the next Chairman of Tata Sons should come from the Parsi community. While Ratan Tata and his Search Committee will look out for deserving candidates, this pressure from within the community is something Tata cannot completely ignore.
Surprisingly, most Parsi women we approached refused to talk about the issue and claimed to be completely unaware of the developments.
Parsi Colony at Dadar is one of the few places where Zoroastrians live in large numbers. The population of this illustrious community has been falling alarmingly due to migration and low birth rate. As per the 2011 census, there are only 69,000 Parsis in India. Around 45,000 are believed to live in the USA and 25,000 in Iran.

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  • I am a Parsi who lives in the UK. Although I admire the Tatas and RNT what I feel has happened to Cyrus Mistry is completely wrong. CM should have been handled with more dignity and respect. Tatas have built their empire on ethical Zoroastrian values and seem to treat society very well and yet they have treated one of their own with such disdain and this is an utter and complete shame.

    From a commercial point of view I feel what CM was trying to accomplish was credible in trying to make the conglomerate more profitable and less debt ridden. From what I realize the Tata Trusts were unhappy about dwindling funds at their disposal and yet dividends were up under CM’s leadership. What I fail to understand is if only two companies out of the 100 or so in the conglomerate are keeping things afloat how is this meant to continue? If the survival of the group is not ensured what funds will the Tata Trusts have at their disposal? Furthermore what are the CEOs of these loss making companies doing if they cannot return a profit, in fact what was the entire board of Tata & Sons doing to address this issue? I understand the Tata ethos is to invest in people and profits will follow but naturally the lifeblood of any business are the top and bottom lines and without revenue and profitability with the ability to write-down debt no organisation will survive especially if the economic headwinds change and the harsh commercial realities set in.

    On a final note I do not believe CM had a free reign and that RNT never really let go of the reins of power – that is evident. RNT claims that the Tatas are a professional business and not a family run business but has he forgotten that if it were not for his name I doubt JRD would have given him the opportunities and openings in life he had and if he had been born into any other Parsi family I doubt he would have accomplished what he did. It it precisely because he was a Scion that he became Head of the Tata Group and maybe he should keep that in mind before considering the succession issue.

    Do I feel the next Chair should be a Parsi, yes emphatically, will they be no.

  • ,For Your Honour Do Not Apply for this Post Since Ratan Tata’s PA R. Venkataramanan who just has a degree from Satya Sai University is slated for Chairmanship.

    • The chairman ship of Tata and sons most go to one who is best for the complete group one who has patrician parsi zorastian values and system’s and one who has confidence in his team mates the team Tata is more important than any figure head its team who Wins not any one person
      Mehernosh Shroff

  • What I have read about Ratan Tata is good, and he is an honest man. As far as what I have observed in Parsis who have immigrated from Bombay (Mumbai), to Ottawa and Halifax Canada, is that they are extremely corrupt (not all but most). Therefore, the firing of Cyrus Mistry must have good reasons related to corruption.

  • Both Sir Ratan and Cyrus Mistry planned this showdown well in advance Cyrus deliberately did actions not appreciated by his team stopped charitable handout’s which were given .made every old team Tata chaps uncomfortable.he as chairman did little to rectify certain situations.just so he could crash the share prices and accumulate bigger stake in Tata stock at discount .both he and Ratan are very shrewd and ruthless Sir Ratan Tata has Won because we love him and Cyrus Mistry is like any other baniya even though he is born a parsi I find nothing parsi or noble about him

  • Vaspar Anklesaria

    Sir Ratan Tata,
    It is humble request to you to find suitable Parsi (Zorastrian) as a Chairman of Tata Sons.
    I studied from Tata school which is highly respected group. World’s most respected business family.
    I am requesting you to give whole power to a person who think for our Nation our Community and continue the way of Tata family donate to our Nation.
    Thanking you,


  • Only parsi person should be chosen in place of CM. Else one South Indian enters his whole family and village enters. There are so many intelligent parsis who can run the show.

  • In my opinion Tatas should be headed not only from our community but from the Tata family only. The culture, ethics of an organisation which is run by a family is best understood within. There is a very thin difference in being transparent and naked. Let us have a person from the family else as we have seen in TCS and many more Tata firms that our own educated Zoroastrians are without a job as other communities are ruling Parsi created companies.

  • I do not believe the Parsi community has any say in how Tata Sons Limited and the Tata group of industries and businesses manage their affairs. The issue of who should be the company chairman is solely the decision of its Boards, Shareholders and Trusts. Just because the company was founded by, and has been known for its Parsi connection, does not give the Parsis community any say in how it should be run. Nor does the Parsi community have a right to insist that its next chairman be a Parsi.

    I checked the current board membership of Tata Sons Limited. There are only three Parsis on the board … Ratan Tata, Cyrus Mistry and Farida Khambhata. Of remaining board members there are 9 Hindu and 1 Muslim member. Will the next demand be to have only Parsi directors? Then what about shareholders? Such arguments tend to become very ridiculous!

    The Parsi community has many more important and pressing issues to deliberate upon. Such distractions only titillate a storm in a teacup!

  • Parsi or no parsi is not the issue. It is cherishing the organisational values and the competency of the person matters a lot. The right person would be the one who would be commited to above two aspects of the management, which i am sure the board members of the organisation will take care of.

  • Dr. Villie N. Bamboat

    Would certainly look forward to having aParsee heading the House Of Tata’s.

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