We write this note to introduce our son Hoshmand Elavia who has secured the 2nd winner-cupPlace in the JK Tyres Indikarting National Series powered by Tata Motors, which is a National level Karting Championship.
Hoshmand is 8 years old and has a lot of promise coupled with an avid interest in topping the sport at National and International level. After starting his training in February 2016 he has already secured 4 victories and 12 podium finishes in the total of 15 races.
In view of his performance and potential his guide and mentors feel it fit that he participates and excels at JK Tyres National Rotex Championship which is Indias highest level of Karting.
Karting, being an expensive sport, an amount of Rs 25,00,000(Twenty five lakhs) is needed to make this dream see reality. Rayo Racing, JK Tyres, Tata Motors and Indikarting has kindly consented to bear an amount of Rs 8,65,500/- towards the above.
We being middle class parents cannot afford to fund the balance cost from our budget and request your financial support which will enable Hoshmand to participate and give his best.
Hoshmand will be pleased to display details of his sponsors as desired.
Thanking you in anticipation of a positive response.
Yours sincerely









  • It will be very wise to put him in some good school to pursue a good career rather than going for some exotic sport.

  • yezdi all our children face the same problem and most times over higher education, sinse a lot of us are net savvy and you have yourself and murad curravala who comes to mind, why not start a CROWD FUNDING FLATFORM directed at the zorastrians of the WORLD. It may just see some Great Achievers coming to the fore. We do need some good things to happen for the Faith in Parsi to stay alive.

    warm regards

    jamshed mehta 9839084448

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