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  •  If you download the Parsi Directory Android app from the Play Store, you will get Uthamna directly on the app as a Notification – Click Here to download and install – >
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  • Yazdi, I had suggested to you in 2016 that we should dispense with mortality stats and publish birth stats, a cause for joyful enthusiasm within our community and in other communities too, which are our well-wishers.
    I am in no physical condition to do the preliminary running around to Obstetrics at Parsee General Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, St. Elizabeth’s Nursing Home, now even Saifee Hospital and other Hospitals in the suburbs too. Jiyo Parsi efforts have resulted in 92 births in the past year and there are ladies enjoying various stages of pregnancy due to the proactive progress of JIYO PARSI! Dr. Chaina, Dr. Katy Gandevia, Dr. Jeroo Bhada and Dr. Anahita Pundole can also offer statistics. I am sure you must be having their telephone numbers in the Parsee Directory. Three Cheers for the Bawa Community

  • Marzban Ardeshir

    Dear Yazdi.

    I appreciate your efforts. This helps us a lot especially when we are abroad. A suggestion please. If through payment on-line, Jame Jamshed and Parsi Times can be incorporated here, it will be a one window information for us who are away. Thank you.

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