Sari Draping – Parsi Style

Parsi style looks best when you use a Parsi Gara sari to drape with. It is worn traditionally after the Sari Perawani ceremony, which is a rite of passage ceremony in the Parsi community. This sari is best worn with simple classic jewellery like pearls. Like any other saris, you’ll have to wear a blouse and a petticoat beforehand.

  1. Take the non-pallu end of the sari and tuck it on the right of the waist.

  2. Take it around your waist counter-clockwise and tuck a part temporarily just below the navel.

  3. Take the pallu, pleat it firmly and take it from around your waist, behind your back to the right shoulder and drape it over it from back to front.

  4. Ensure that the tip of the right end of the pallu reaches the hem of the sari at your ankle.

  5. Secure the pleats on the shoulder and keep the pallu aside for now, till you finish the remaining part of the sari.

  6. Where you tucked the sari temporarily in step 2, make regular sari pleats leaving some excess fabric on your left waist. Tuck the pleats into the petticoat below the navel and secure.

  7. Ensure the length and breadth of the pleats at waist is equal to each other.

  8. Come back to the pallu now. As you ensured in step 4 that the right tip is reaching hem, take the left tip and even that side of the sari over your chest and take it from under your armpits.

  9. Secure it at the back with pins. Wear a broach on the right shoulder to finish the look.

by Radhika Sathe Patwardhan

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