Dr. Roozan Bharucha’s Quantum Computing & Artificial Intelligence Theories

Carnegie Mellon University includes Dr. Roozan Bharucha’s Quantum Computing Theories & Artificial Intelligence Theories into its Information Technology Engineering Syllabus.


AI-Prosthetics QChip-Processor


Dr. Roozan P Bharucha


Quantum Bit Architecture (Qubit)


WASHINGTON – 29 July 2017 – Carnegie Mellon University, USA has the acquired educational license to use Dr. Roozan Bharucha’s Quantum Computing & Artificial Intelligence Theories into its Information Technology Engineering Syllabus from the SystemX Research Centre, USA. Carnegie Mellon University has acquired the educational printing and publication rights for Roozan’s Law for Quantum Computing, Roozan’s Law for Artifical Intelligence, Roozan’s First Law of Quantum AI Devices,


Roozan’s Second Law of Quantum AI Devices and Roozan’s Quantization of Charges Theory.


Dr. Tony Carnegie, Chairman of The Educational Committee, Carnegie Mellon University said, “We are glad to obtain the educational rights for Dr. Roozan Bharucha’s Quantum Computing & AI theories as this new technology will make our students aware of the upcoming future computing technologies that are destined to rule the IT Industry on a whole. Imagine the large sized computers requiring large cooling mechanism for their processor in comparison to the small finger nail sized Quantum Computing Chip used by AI-Prosthetic Group of devices which are highly precise, powerful, lightning fast and highly compact in the instruction sets for their programming. The man who has powered the large scale devices and reduced their dimensions by a lakh of times, his works are worth to be included in the education system to enable our students learn and understand the future technology. We thank SystemX Research Centre for coordinating with Dr. Roozan Bharucha and granting us the educational rights for his theories from the bottom of our heart. We also thank and like to show our gratitude to the powerful innovator (Dr. Roozan Bharucha) whose imaginations have led to the creation of these wonderful devices that will change the lives of lakhs of the physically challenged people. We all at the University including the Students, Staff and all the other members bow down to the talented young scientist Dr. Roozan Bharucha and thank him for donating us the educational rights for using his technical theories.”


Dr. Zayra Pathan, Chief Technical Officer, Carnegie Mellon University presented the briefings of the Roozan’s educational rights granted theories as given in the article below:

  • Roozan’s Law of Quantum Computing: “In a Quantum Computing Device, the performance of the device is equivalent to the algebraic product of the ionic charges trapped and inversely proportional to the cube of the half the total number of ionic charges trapped.”
  • Roozan’s Law of Artificial Intelligence Systems (Quantum Computing Only): “The Quantum AI device implements the learning by taking the Euclidean difference of the nearest probabilistic outputs for the given set of input variables represented as O=|X – P(Oi)|, where O is the output function, X is the set of input variables and P (Oi) is the probabilistic function of the output variabl”


  • Roozan’s First Law of Quantum AI Devices: “The Quantum AI device capability to handle the cubits is directly proportional to the number of Nano-transistor filters used in the development of the quantum chi”
  • Roozan’s Second Law of Quantum AI Devices: “The Quantum AI device must implement the cooling function that is a product of the 0.354th power of the number of qubits handled by the device and the clock frequency of the trapped ionic energies within the syst”
  • Roozan’s Law of Quantization of Charges: “The ionic charges trapped within the system of Quantum Devices is a function of the product of the total positive ionic charges and total negative ionic charges and inversely proportional to the total number of ionic charges present within the syst”


Dr. Daniel Torfan, Founder, SystemX Research Centre said, “Dr. Roozan’s theories on Quantum Computing & AI form the basic core of the Quantum Devices and its technology. The world’s first Quantum Computer which is still under testing at the various prestigious institutions of the world also obey’s Dr. Roozan’s theories of Quantum Computing. These theories will lead to the development of various new Quantum Computed Devices that will change the face of the Information Technology Engineering in the near future. AI- Prosthetic Device Group uses the world’s first qubit based computation chip embedded safely into these devices making them more precise, intelligent and rapid in response than any other computation chips. As the AI-Prosthetic Group of devices are about to be launched into the open market in September, we are being approached by many Universities for including the technological theories into their IT Engineering Syllabus and we have started offering them the technology theories one by one for teaching their students. As per request of Dr. Roozan Bharucha who is the sole and original patent holder for these theories which shall be transferred as usage and modification rights to our SystemX Research Centre before launching, we are not charging any fees for offering our technology theories for educational purposes.”


Dr. Sudhanshu Roy, Technical Advisor, Carnegie Mellon University said on an ending note, “The theories of Dr. Roozan Bharucha are thoroughly read and understood by the entire educational committee prior to including them in our syllabus. These theories include heavy mathematical proofs that are powered by Dr. Preeti H. Dhamelia & Dr. Sharmeen Mehta who are very senior team members of the AI-Prosthetic Device Group Team at the SystemX Research Centre. We thank each of these three scientific professionals on behalf


of our University, our Staff and our Allumni, for giving us the educational rights of Quantum AI Devices theories to our University without any charge of fees. Also, they being situated in India, they will conduct webinars for our University Staff and Students to make them better grasp and understand these new technologies.”



SystemX Research Centre is the world’s Digital Innovation Centre which researches on transforming medical systems with software defined machines and solutions that include high end and precise quantum computing and artificial intelligence making them connected, responsive and predictive. SystemX shares this innovative knowledge with medical industry giants enabling them to form high quality medical instrumentation which works for the benefit of the patients.



Ms. Soumya Patel

SystemX Research Centre – PR Department

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Research Department: AI – Prosthetics

Stage of Research: Post – Research Clinical Testing

29 July 2017, PRESS RELEASE ID: SX1707029A

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