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Ripple Effect was an initiative started in October 2016 by Rashi Mehta & Manizaay Kaikobad.

The initial thought crept in when we saw the potential that, products made by NGOs had. These products were of good quality and worth the price but unfortunately they did not have a good market reach. This thought nurtured into a full blown conviction once we strongly felt that we needed to create a one-stop-shop where we could sell these products online, thereby helping these NGOs get much more visibility & reach. We both thought the idea had great merit, so once friends and family encouraged us about the same we stepped out of our safe cocoon of the corporate world and decided to do something more valuable that would help create some positive change. We conducted primary as well as secondary research, to analyze if such a gap actually existed and what was the actual scope of such an idea.

While researching we realized that insufficient reach to the right target group, visibility & lack of knowledge related to the cause are problems faced not just by NGOs, but by a large number of individuals/groups of people who are working towards creating a change in some form or the other. We dug a little deeper to find that there are various people struggling and working to support so many different causes but are neither able reach out to the right target group nor plan the right strategy for the same. We decided to widen our horizon and do something much bigger and think from a wider perspective. This is how Ripple Effect was born.

Ripple Effect is a marketplace e-commerce website that sells products for a cause. We at Ripple Effect handpick an exotic range of products from Enterprises with a cause, underprivileged artisans & NGOs, and provide them with a platform that connects to millions. Every product sold on Ripple Effect is not only meticulously designed but also symbolizes a battle. A battle against circumstances. A battle against indifference. When you shop here, you create a ripple that supports this battle, you could also change the life of somebody/something you care about.  You make that little bit of difference, where a difference is really due.

We are a movement towards sustainable living as this is the need of the hour. We not only satisfy a customer’s need with high quality products but also each purchase supports the humane or sustainability cause attached to it. The causes we support at Ripple Effect are – Vegan, Organic, Upcycled /Recycle, Women Empowerment, Education, Natural, Fair trade, Eco-Friendly & Underprivileged Artisans.  These are the current causes we support but we aim to expand to various other causes in the near future.

We intend to change the mindset of people and change their buying behavior, to revolutionize the way each person shops online. “Choose To Change” is our tagline, as we believe the change begins with you.


Growth & Future Plans:

  • In the month of March 2017 we participated in an exhibition held at Radio Club with the Concept “Women of Wonder”. We wanted to test the waters and gauge people’s reactions. We got a brilliant response not only in terms of sales but also won the BEST STALL AWARD.
  • We as Ripple Effect aim to push offline sales along with online in the next 2 months as we realize that to build awareness for a cause like ours, a one to one interaction will play a big role.
  • We are working on our own exquisite Ripple Effect line of products, which are made by underprivileged artisans or NGO’s.
  • Currently we will be marketing to PAN India but our future plan is also to tap into the international market as we realize the potential of sustainable products in other countries.
  • Introduce a user-friendly shopping mobile app as maximum people in India shop via smartphones today
  • Open a section on our website for donations to NGO’s at stage 2 of our social venture


Competitive Advantage:

  • We at Ripple Effect provide a one-stop-shop to sell products to customers, which not only satisfies their shopping needs but also causes a rippling effect in supporting the cause attached to the product.
  • For us the story behind the product is given as much importance as the product itself.
  • We make our customers think of why they buy what they buy and take a conscious effort to support the same.



  • Currently we are self funded (50/50 partnership) – bootstrapped.
  • We will be looking for the socially dominant investors in the next 3 months.


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