• The Parsi Zoroastrian Population in Kolkata is declining . No Need to Keep running this temple instead they should use the property for a different purpose or sell the same and invest the money

    • no Freddy darling u r wrong.even with a declini g no.of parsis the agiyari can be kept alive.firstly finds are needed n then the initiatives.

  • kersi Bhiwandiwalla

    Heck no !!! It was an Icon of the community for more than a century, Divert some of the funding earmarked for showpiece projects to the preservation of our historical and cultural heritage, The coffers of our Anjuman arent exactly running dry.

  • We are spending more money on creating and maintaining museums and leaving the real fire temples to decay. The westernised Parsis have brought the downfall of our religion. Like the Sikh community our anjumans must also declare them as “tankhiyas” or outlaws and their names must be published in Parsi newspaper.

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